ITP Spring Show 2009
Sunday, May 10, 2-6pm & Monday, May 11, 5-9 pm

Cameron Cundiff
Jason Rosado
Lee-Sean Huang
Thomas Robertson


Givkwik will allow millions of people to securely donate their spare change to their favorite charities at the press of a button on their mobile devices.

Dynamic Web Development,Mobile Me(dia)

Ever refuse a panhandlers request for spare change because you didn't know where it would actually go? Do you ever wish it were easier to donate to charity without the administrative burden?

Givkwik seeks to make the process of donating to charity as quickly and as easily as you need it, when you need it and in the amount of you need it to be, all in the palm of your hand!

Givkwik is a mobile application that displays the logos and mission statements of popular charities such as Make A Wish Foundation, United Way, March of Dimes and others. Users browse the various entries until they happen upon the charity of choice at the given moment, from there the user simply presses a button to increase the donation increment. Starting at 35 cents, users simply decide how much to give and off it goes to support a charity's particular cause.

We don't all have millions even hundreds of dollars to donate, but we do want to show we care. Now, we can. Givkwik simplifies the process of philanthropy and lets you act on your charitable impulse!

Financial transactions via mobile phone are still nascent in the United States, yet prevalent elsewhere in the world. As adoption of mobile phones into every day circumstances continues to develop and U.S. citizens become more comfortable with financial transactions through their device, Givkwik will be an application that helps them get there.

Anyone who's ever confronted administrative obstacles as a result of the processing of donating to their favorite charities. Givkwik seeks to make this process simple, efficient and secure and in the palm of your hand with your mobile device.

User Scenario
Ever refuse a panhandlers request for spare change because you didn't know where it would actually go? Waiting on a corner for a friend and got some time to spare? Heard about a cool charity doing great things for the community, and want to help in a small way?

Givkwik addresses all the above scenarios by making it easy to do good and in smaller, less painful increments of time, money and resources.

Mobile and web application utilizes PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery and Google Android SDK.

Givkwik is still in the prototype phase as the team is still developing the best possible interface and electronic commerce infrastructure to support the concept.

Still in the prototype/UAT process, but we anticipate learning much more when presenting it to the broader public that the Spring Show will generate.