ITP Spring Show 2010
Sunday, May 9, 2-6pm & Monday, May 10, 5-9pm

Eszter Ozsvald
Nelson Ramon

Nelson Ramon, Eszter Ozsvald

Play area filling games based on your (and other people's) silhouette caption.

Introduction to Computational Media

Player poses in front of a screen, game will capture their silhouette at every X secs. Attempt to fill up the entire screen using your body without overlapping with previous "blocks" (silhouettes). In case there is an overlap (above a percentage of tolerance), the game resets and players must restart filling up the screen. We also install a horizontal pole in which players can do acrobatic movements.
The captured "blocks" may be re-sized in order to make a more viable game dynamic.
Two types of game versions are developed to take into account multiplayer interaction:
A-collaborative game, in which players help each other to fill up the space leaving as few "white" space as possible
B-arcade game, in which players during their turn, try to increase the chance that the other may overlap him/herself during the next turn (two player tetris like)

Eszter Ozsvald and Nelson Ramon from ITP are taking the class Motion Caption and Crowd Games this semester. Matthew Sarnak a graduate student from computer science department is also a part of the developing team.
This is also the final project for the motion caption class as well as midterm/final project for Eszter's ICM class.