ITP Spring Show 2010
Sunday, May 9, 2-6pm & Monday, May 10, 5-9pm

Fred Truman
Michell Johanna Cardona
Paragini Amin

Paragini Amin, Michell Johanna Cardona, Fred Truman

Pousse Cafe is a refreshing experience that takes its guests on a journey of visually flavorful elegance.

Introduction to Physical Computing

The project is a voice activated gourmet shot dispenser, submitted for our Media Controller Project (Physical Computing midterm). The visitor walks up to it and makes his or her request for a drink. The dispenser will then pour a three-layered shot consisting of creme de cassis, elderflower liqueur, and pear brandy. Pousse Cafe pours delicately to keep the layers separated. This DIY machine may, in fact, be a faster, more successful way to pour a layered shot than by hand.

We were researching different viscosity levels in liquids in order to control one type of liquid within another. We were thinking of creating a beautiful interactive visual display with two liquids, but had a difficult time narrowing down a concept with such difficult material. Instead of continuing with our more artistic exploration, we decided to build this tool. These layered drinks tend to be harder to pour, so this prototype does it for you.

Adults 21+

User Scenario
A person walks up to the dispenser and activates it with two key words, which are indicated on a sign. The gourmet shot dispenser carefully pours a delicious, layered shot. The user drinks it and is merry. Eventually, the PVC tubes will run out of alcohol, at which time the dispenser will be easily reloaded from the top.

Wine Crate, Solenoids, PVC Tubing, Teflon and Screws.