Andrea Cheung
Anh Ly
Jamie Lin
Saraswathi Subbaraman

Monkey Works

An interactive data viz tool for primate anthropologists in Ecuador, and any other interested parties.

Data Representation,Wildlife Observation Tools: Interaction in the Wild

After weeks spent talking monkeys with Tom Igoe and anthropologist Tony Difiore, our group developed a useful way of uploading, displaying, and interacting with the immense data set his team has accrued over the years.

Monkey Works takes observational data, GPS data, and sighting commentary out of mulitiple excel documents and puts it on the map. Users can follow the footsteps of a spider monkey through the rainforests of Ecuador, and locate where monkeys were seen based on species, person observing, or time of day.

Aside from serving as a helpful visualizing aid for observers doing field work, Monkey Works also provides a opportunities for outreach. Researchers can upload images from specific rainforest locations to populate a map made from Google Maps API, while people interested in the project can tweet data pertaining to the whereabouts of individual monkeys.