Liza Singer
Miguel Bermudez


An interactive narrative that juxtaposes light and shadow, encouraging play and exploration.

Spatial Media

In the dark lurks another world removed from our own. There children go to play their games, unaware that within the same shadows, Shades cultivate, hungering for those foolish enough to enter into their darkened realms. Foolishly the children do not heed the warnings of their parents who desperately want them to return to our world. The fireflies bridge the two worlds, casting light within the shadows.

Remember, the children do not come willingly, you must play their game of chase. But be careful, the light that can bridge the worlds can also aid the monsters.

An immersive narrative, Paracosm explores an alternative shadow world through an interactive story played on a handmade touchable. Touchtable logic is controlled through C++ and characters are brought to life through animated charcoal sketches.

Anyone who loves a good ghost story

A multitouch and fiducial tracking touch table. Game and camera sensing developed in C++ OpenFramworks with the aid of Community Computer Vision.