Ji Hyun Lee


This project is about an interactive, entertaining phone experience to lift a house up through collaboration.


Redial: Interactive Telephony,The Nature of Code

This project is about an interactive, entertaining phone experience through collaboration. The UP! gives people a virtual experience to lift a house up just like Disney/Pixar's Up animation. Users can easily participate in the UP! by phone and grow their balloon by blowing on the phone. Not an individual can do it but it comes true through collaboration.

One of my favorite part of my project is collaboration. The collaboration maximizes satisfaction because everyone can be a contributor to do something. There is a research that uncovered participatory experiences make people feel needed. Furthermore, there is a saying "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together becomes reality" quoted by John Lennon.

People of all ages who have a phone!

User Scenario
People are supposed to call a designated phone number and blow air on their own phone to grow their balloon. Each balloon has the last 4-digit of phone number so that users can see which balloon is theirs. The house starts to be lifting up in the air when sum of the air of balloons is enough.

The UP is implemented by Processing and Box2D. Mostly, I was playing with parameters in the Box2D world to make balloons looking like real. In addition, I use a Tinyphone server which has an IP address and port number so that the designated phone number can be linked to the network. Each phone call can be a client giving events such as audio levels and key press. I interpreted the audio level as an air that the user blow on the phone.

I learned that Box2D is a great library which helps me mimic what is happening around our lives. I found phone can be a good, mobile tool for the user interaction and phone experience to be fun and enjoyable.