Tak Cheung

Eat Like What You Eat

This project is a thematic dining experience that stitches a narrative of the food's journey from farm to plate.



Based on the idiom 'you are what you eat', this thesis creates a thematic dining experience that treats the invited guest like the food they are about to consume. The first iteration of this concept is a meal about chicken. Each course of this meal references various stages of an industrialized farm-chicken's life. Plates and serving utensils take the form of feeders and other iconic farm tools inorder to allow the diner to reflect on the act of eating, the things they are consuming and the associated costs of our industrialized food production.

Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollen

My Dinner With Andre by Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn.

New York Times Magazine - The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food.

Web-episode - Harvard Science and Food has tremendous depth in the field of molecular gastronomy.

TED - Mark Bittman: What's wrong with what we eat.

TED - Jamie Oliver: Teach Every Children About Food

TED - Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish

For those who have the economical comfort to choose what they want to eat.

For policy makers and educator who can make a impact to our food supplies.

For those who are curious.

User Scenario
This will be documented. A diner eats and then they are conscious of their food choices.

This performance meal consists of crafting four serving object that symbolizes various stages of a typical chicken through its industrialized production farm experience. Four serving objects were made to evoke the sensation of the hatching, feeding, living and slaughtering process. The objects and haute cuisine paring aims to capture a sense of decadence while addressing conditions of the less-desirable.

During the performance each sole-diner experiences the meal as if they are in a thematic restaurant, without any interruptions from the documentation. The goal for this meal is to capture this unique experience for a wider audience.

The four objects were made at various shops:

Ceramic casting and firing at Clay Space 1205 - http://www.clayspace1205.com/

Metal at Brooklyn Metal Works - http://bkmetalworks.com/

Glass at Brooklyn Glass - http://www.brooklynglass.com/

Wood at - http://robrusselldesign.com/content/furniture

I started this thesis with a perspective about food as activities in the kitchen or at most making of tools to cook food with. I didn't expect my work would take on a political tone. I didn't expect food and political can be so deeply intertwined. This thesis project lead me to discover some alarming concerns revolving around our global food production.

I've found a perspective I feel passionate about. I want to continue learning more about the current issues and explore ways to share these insights to the wider public in an artistic way.