Adam Quinn
Surya Mattu

Google Glass For Introverts

This artificial intelligence is trying to understand the world.

Project Development Studio (Marina Zurkow),Reading and Writing Electronic Text

The project is called "Google Glass For Introverts". It's a giant aluminum head you wear around that projects algorithmically generated poetry based off how you're commenting on the world around you, sourcing text from Twitter to write poetry about your comments.

Google Glass For Introverts borrows from a number of Inspirations.

First, the form is representative of both the Totems found on the Totem Poles of the Northwest Indians, and the idea of the mind within a mind... the Homunculus inside us.

Secondly, the content displayed outwardly has three important features. 1. It is the Mirror of the outside world. 2. That mirror is built on the viewpoint of the wearer. 3. The poetry is created algorithmically, based on the viewpoint of the wearer, generated by the computer, and built from popular language from Twitter... the artificial understanding.

It is geared towards anyone who doesn't want to look ridiculous walking around wearing google glasses, and who is afraid to interact with their outside world.

User Scenario
The introvert wears the big aluminum head. When the introvert sees something in front of him/her, he/she comments on what he/she sees... a mental note recorded. Not knowing what to say about what is in front of him/her is no longer a problem, as the machine reacts to the wearer's comments, gathers popular language that talkative people gab about on Twitter, and speaks for the wearer.

Google Glass For Introverts can be made of many materials, but in this case is mostly aluminum for its ease of hand bending.

This is my first experience building a giant aluminum head, first time using this much aluminum, and first time algorithmically generating poetry based on Twitter. My spirit was not broken in the making of this head.