Colin Narver

Streams of Consciousness

Streams of Consciousness is a digital sandbox where users can move land and sea using only their hands.

The Nature of Code Studio

Streams of Consciousness originates from The Nature of Code Studio class and is my final project of the semester.

My inspiration for this project comes from memories of building castles, moats and other structures out of sand at the beach. The ability to impose a directionality to water by shaping it’s surrounding path is something i’ve always been interested in.

The tools I'm using for this project are Processing, a Kinect, a projector and fifty pounds of white play sand.

The user will be able to manipulate the positioning of the desired velocity of water droplets by digging into a box of sand, moving the sand around and playfully seeing how the stream responds to their input.

The water droplets are seeking the darkest/lowest points in the sand box. Additionally, the sand that is closest to the kinect, a projection of grass will be displayed. The sand that is farthest away from the camera (lowest in the sandbox), a projection of a body of water will be displayed.