Su Hyun Kim

Tech’s Cradle

Creating dynamic 3D shapes and sound in between your hands.

The Nature of Code Studio

With a Leap sensor, a user's fingers become a tool for digital visualizer. Dynamic shapes and sound will be made between two hands. 3D visual will be shown in front of you by a Pepper's Ghost effect. Each finger points have notes creating a musical harmony when you are making shapes. This experience will be like playing "Cat's Cradle".

For me, this semester was all about exploring patterns and different interfaces. I explored a lot with finger detection and found Leap sensor to be a perfect fit for my idea. Also learning about Fractals and Genetic Algorithms in Nature of Code class got me very interested in digging deeper with delaunay & voronoi patterns. These elements all came together with this project.

This is for a general public who are interested in finding new interfaces and different way so seeing things.

User Scenario
A user would step into a dark environment that has a pyramid plexi glass setup in the middle. They will be asked to put their hands around the plexi glass. When two hands are near the pyramid, they will see pepper's ghost effect showing up inside the pyramid. The visuals will be delaunay patterns connecting left and right finger points. As a user scale the floating shape up and down, harmonious sound will be generated depending on the shape and size.

The user can press a pedal with their foot to change to different visual style settings. There will be a 3D sculpture of one of the visualization as well.

It's made of Processing sketch, Leap sensor, Ableton, a pedal button and arduino.

Visualizing in the air has been the most challenging yet exciting part. My journey has opened my eyes to think of many possible ways for the future interface.