Luisa Pereira

The Well Sequenced Synthesizer

A series of physical devices that explore how music works.

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The Well Sequenced Synthesizer is a series of studies in musical harmony, in the form of physical interfaces that control simple generative algorithms. From a design and programming perspective, they address the question of how music works.

The Counterpointer is a cross between an electronic arpeggiator and a baroque music rule book. It takes a melody input and responds with voices that follow the rules of counterpoint. El Ordenador carves chaos into order by applying musical constraints to randomly generated chord progressions. By turning three constraints on or off, users can hear what kind of music is generated from different combinations. La Mecánica uses a traditional music box mechanism to play back the progressions generated by El Ordenador.

These devices initiate a conversation between human, computer, and cultural conventions, exploring the line between those that can be coded and those that cannot.