Chinese Food Culture series– Song and Yuan( 960-1368)

Bing Huang, Yu Hu

An animation describes Chinese culture and history from the perspective of food


Chinese people have various kinds of foods on their dinner table today. However, the food has not existed from all eternity. Based on research, we found that a lot of food were discovered and imported in history. We make Song(960-1279) and Yuan(1260-1368) as examples:
The Song Dynasty developed very complex cooking skills. Compared to people in the Tang Dynasty, The Song Dynasty used advanced cutting and seasoning techniques. These skills helped the local food culture to flourish. Watermelon and Sorghum were first discovered in Chinese Traditional paintings, which were drawn in Song. Tea was very expensive at this time, and was considered a luxury.
Came from the prairie, Yuan people were good at riding horse and hunting. The animal husbandry was prosperous during the Yuan dynasty, mutton act as staple food, ranked only second to grain. Their food has a Central Asian style, which has more milk products. Because of the advanced shipping industry, a lot of food were imported. The famous Marco Polo also came to China, in the Yuan dynasty.
In this animation we offer a general overview of two periods' Chinese food, based on different features of typical foods of different Dynasties, and discuss how it came to be what it is today.


Advanced Animation Studio