ITP Spring Show 2014

"Emergence Unfolding" by Edward Button A site specific parametric sculpture shaped from sound and grown algorythmicly
(0,0,0) by Rosalie Yu, Julia Irwin, John Choi (0, 0, 0) explores the coexistent nature of the principles of a vanishing point and a point of origin, the tension between that which is disappearing and that which is coming into existence, with respect to the human experience.
3D Printed Textiles by Pamela Liou Exploring new structures in textile fabrication with additive manufacturing
Adventures of Teen Bloggers by Sam Brenner Come face-to-face with the online identities of thousands of former teen bloggers. Choose a character from the annals of LiveJournal, an all-but-defunct blogging site, and lead them on the most epic of journeys: a walk down a high school hallway.
Amazing Interactive Memory Machine by Natalie Tschechaniuk The Amazing Interactive Memory Machine is an opportunity to experience a different perspective of Coney Island through a collection of personal histories. Visitors select a category and are transported through audio to another time.
AQUA-BRIDGE by Youjin Shin A web based smart data management platform for monitoring water quality and creating a crowd-sourced world water quality map
Art Channel by Amanda Gelb, Katevisuth Sukpisan An interactive personal music video that let you dance with the animated art from the Cooper Hewitt collection.
Beacon by Rucha Patwardhan, Amelia Winger-Bearskin "Eyes in the back of your head": A compact, clip on camera and communication device that extends the user's scope of vision.
beatlang by Hellyn Teng, Eamon O'Connor Unique way to explore program language design by letting users physically and rhythmically build their own code.
Beatnik Box by Eamon O'Connor Generate poetry by banging out rhythms on drum pads.
BETULARIA by GJ Lee BETULARIA is a game about hiding.
BioBot by Will Canine BioBot does biology for you!
bodyRef by Tiffany Hewlett bodyRef provides guidance to users on how to set and accomplish fitness and nutrition goals by utilizing a team of healthcare professionals (HCPs).
BriteRise for Childcare by Courtney Nadine Coleman BriteRise for Early Childhood is a web and mobile platform that creates a more personalized learning path by allowing parents and early childhood educators to track, visualize and communicate a child's health and growth data in real-time.
CARDIO by Kang-Ting Peng Quantify your heartbeat, Display it on the road
Centrality by Aankit Patel Procedural poetry that invites the reader to take a more intuitive approach to 'meaning'.
Chime.In by Dana Reginiano, Tessa Ndiaye Why would you buy a concert ticket? Who, What, When, Where, How much. Chime.In provides a seamless access to related information, and thus facilitate the consumer decision making process.
Chinese Food Culture series– Song and Yuan( 960-1368) by Bing Huang, Yu Hu An animation describes Chinese culture and history from the perspective of food
CongressionalForecast: Contribution Explorer by Brian Clifton Imagine how power of data analytics and visualizations can be used to clarify the complicated economy of influence between members of Congress and those who 'donate' hundreds of thousands of dollars to certain politicians – this is the CongressionalForecast: Contribution Explorer.
Daft Junk by Aankit Patel, Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Michael Ricca Solar Powered Music Making Robots made from items headed for the trash found in the Sub-Basement of TISCH
Dat(um)A by Hanbyul Jo Data sculpture that navigates the individual story within the scope of a big dataset.
Diffuse by Daniel Melancon, John Farrell A reactionary, projection-mapped installation where the user unexpectedly affects the environment around them.
Discarded Future by Rafael Gross Brown A connected trigger video on climate change/sustainable development and individual engagement with these issues and climate change mitigation
Dot 2 Dot by Alon Chitayat, Adarsh Kosuru "Dot 2 Dot" is a collaborative & mobile drawing app that lets you sketch in the air and share your 3d drawing with others. Users can then navigate around your 3d line drawing by using "Augmented Reality" technology.
dot.fluid by Dimelsa Medina, Pedro Galvao Cesar de Oliveira Reactive/Fluid/Tangible Interface that enhance the music, nature and human experience
Dovetales by Myriam Melki Dovetales is a mobile application that allows couples living in different timezones to share mundane details with each other in the form of a daily story.
Drone Zone by Kristina Budelis, Neil Solomon, Fletcher Bach, Pamela Liou A zone to explore all things flying camera-related, from drone documentaries to dronies, the new trend sweeping the internet.
DungeonScript by Jaewoong Hwang A language for creating old-school first person dungeon crawler on web.
Ecstatic Computation by Mike Allison Ecstatic Computation is the union between human and machine (when thought becomes bit) explored through virtual reality ritual.
EmoMap by WoonYung Choi, Inpyo Chang Emotional coloring map
energy to light by Kate Godwin, Yu Ji This light overlays dynamic daily energy consumption data with annual per capita energy consumption data to show where and in what quantities we are consuming power.
Face Planet by Ziv Schneider, Aankit Patel Educating the public about how global ocean currents impact climate and climate change.
FameUp(Android App) by Chin-Hsuan Wu, Yu Ji It is an universal and super powerful alarm that you have multiple ways to turn it off -- if failed, get famous in your social network, or purchase a shame shield.
Fictioning, or The Confession of the Librarian by Donna Miller Watts Borges "The Library of Babel" adapted to Oculus Rift, with some critical seasoning along the way.
Fish In The Hewitt by Kyle Greenberg, Kelly Saxton An interactive way to explore and fish into the Cooper Hewitt Museum's enormous collection
Fluid Geometry by Wyna Liu A set of sculptures about geometry, nature, and the forms that emerge through repetition.
From The Dark by Surya Mattu Anonymous data is a myth.
Genetic flower by Haylee Hongeun Jung Genetic flowers is a a alternative design interface allows a user to design a different bouquet or flower monogram based on their preference.
GLANCE by Natasha Dzurny A simple kinetic display for personal information, at a glance.
Go Get It by Jihyun Lee, Jess Jiyoung Jung, Liz Khoo, Eojin Chae A connected motivation box that can be unlocked when a user achieves a given fitness goal
Gowanus Creek Nature Hike by Kathryn Adee Research in urban ecology that resulted in a mobile web app for identifying, cataloging, and mapping the flora of the Gowanus Canal Area. By looking at current species, we can begin to imagine the future Gowanus as an ecosystem, not just an environmental disaster or real estate investment.
Growable Gown by Erin Smith A biodegradable wedding dress
Guide by Claire Kearney-Volpe, Diana Freed, Michelle Penso, Nikki Zeichner GUIDE is a device to assist breast cancer patients in occupational or physical therapy to improve upper extremity functioning and quantify and support their road to recovery.
Hack It Back by Patricia R. Zablah A workshop mentoring program focused on teaching media literacy to teenage girls. The girls combat sexist media by creating their own, new media that "hacks it back" and portrays more accurate representations of women.
Hands by Ken Amarit A music composition based video game where you can only die by winning.
HIVE by Alina Balean, Arielle Hein An Interactive Bee Box that reacts to users hand movements.
horizon by Omer Shapira E. Killing lives in a 4D simulation of the 3D world. It's a recording – everything has already happened. Her device, The Horizon, reconstructs her world in time slices, like a slit-scan camera. She needs to find her way out of the simulator.
How to Make the Internet of Useless Things by Andy Sigler Anode is an ensemble of toys, instruments, and objects, hacked and made wireless, to allow their interconnections to be played with.
IJO | Indoor version by Vitor Freire Connecting people through dance.
Invisible Cities by Alejandro Puentes Amezquita, Yiyang Liang Sculpting text into a city.
It's Alive! by Talya Stein Rochlin I'm making a series of sculptures, each representing a different sense. The kinetic one built is touch.
Jewliebots: open-source programmable jewelry by Maria Paula Saba Jewliebots is a set of interactive jewelry that can be programmed through a graphical interface, with the goal of raising girls interest in Computer Science and Technology.
JujuBox by Moe Shahrooz The JujuBox is an intimate small scale virtual 3D theater that gives the audience control over a wide array of audiovisual effects.
Kinetisynth by David Rios Musical instrument and kinetic audio visualizer
Last Eats by Colin Narver When selecting a restaurant, more options doesn't lead to better choices. Last Eats is a mobile web app that helps you choose a single restaurant based on the culinary knowledge, passion and loyalty showcased by your friends and extended network.
Latex Pixels by David Tracy, Seiya Kobayashi, Haylee Jung A swarm of pulsing, responsive physical pixels with minds of their own.
Lest We Forget by Todd Bryant Lest We Forget is a three channel video sculpture depicting real-time climate change data
LifeStrand: A Musical Self-Portrait by Negar Behbahani If I were an instrument, what kind would it be? How would it be played? What are its tones? Its moods? What would I reveal to a new player or one who played me many times?
log(me) : vibe calculator by Michelle Cortese The average human selects 15,000 words to speak each day and lacks a clear concept of their cumulative value; log(me) is a discrete wearable that scans and archives daily speech patterns to visually codify spirit, truth and power.
Markdown Graphics by Xinran Wang A Markdown extension, in the form of a web-based editor, that enables users to create both text and graphics for the web, in a single platform.
Mind Reading Camera by Jiwon Yoon MindCam is an application for Google Glass that takes their memorable moments automatically.
Mini Biggie Smalls Hologram by Edwin Reed-Sanchez, Jinyi Fu, Jacob Wilkinson A hologram memorial to the Legendary Biggie Smalls, aka Notorious BIG.
Mnemonic Table by Saki Hayashi Mnemonic Table is a smart building sets which memorises all the past configurations, display them online and connects social networking.
MonsterF by Harry Chen, Max Ma The First Augmented Reality game on Google Glass.
Moving Portraits by Rose Meacham Moving Portraits is a video series that documents the subtle facial gestures that express internal emotional states. Fusing art and scientific practices, video portraits of the six universal emotions were recorded and analyzed quantitatively.
Navigating the Really Real by Allison Burtch How do humans remain spiritually and emotionally authentic in the face of impending societal and environmental collapse? This is an invitation to be alive and present. It is liberation technology.
New Circuits for Dancing with Light by Justin Lange Gloves as a luminous dance instrument that are not simply pretty, but expressive
NightWitches by Caroline Sinders An interactive true transmedia story played on mobile and the web about the WWII female Russian fighter pilot Nadya Popva.
Omnomitron by Erin Finnegan Use your webcam to play a game where you eat things, right in the browser.
pandora by Federico Burch Explore the mythical story of pandora from through a magical, symbolic, 3D animation.
Parenthook by Alon Chitayat, Alejandro Puentes Amezquita, Maximo Sica, Rodrigo Derteano A location based mobile app that connects a parent to other parents <br /> close-by when you need it.
Piñata Rush by dexter miranda, Jiaying Peng A game where you play a prospector in the wild wild west searching for ghost piñata's using your maracas as a weapon.
Pippin by Valerie Chen Pippin is a themed hard cider bar that recreates a series of historical periods significant to the story of cider in America.
Play The Game – evolution by Mary Fe A movements sampler fed by celebration dance moves and modified by the audience with a foam finger.
Pleashare by Jing Zhao Pleashare is a web application that provides sex toy reviews for Chinese users. It encourages them to share their experiences and start conversations about their sexual pleasure.
Printing Code: An Exploration of Algorithmic Art and Graphic Design by Sharang Biswas, Asli Aydin, Jorge Brake, Devin Curry, Xinyi Deng, Susanne Forchheimer, Jinyi Fu, Batu Sayici, Brett Peterson, GJ Lee, Justin Lange, Gladys Chan, Tan Ma, Leslie Lin, Michelle Lin, Claire Kearney-Volpe, Yu Ji, Qingyuan Chen An exhibition of algorithmically created art and graphic design, by students of Rune Madsen's "Printing Code" class.
PrintO-Bot by Sanniti Pimpley PrintO-Bot is an inkjet printer on wheels. This robot can print on almost any flat surface- no matter how large or what material it is made of. It is very cheap and you can even build it yourself!
Projection Piano by Adrian Sas, Inpyo Chang, John Choi When stepped on, piano keys projected on the floor sound musical notes and generate a simultaneous visual composition.
Rabbit Hole by Laura Juo-Hsin Chen An emotion exploration wondering game.
Re:oddessy by Salem Al-Mansoori A generative, interactive graphics piece based on the stargate sequence from 2001:a space odyssey.
Resonant Bodies by Thomas Broderick Experience a singer's voice through vibrations in your own body.
RESTART MOTION by Christina Carter RestartMotion is a tool for creating dynamic animations using images with common objects found on the web.
Ridiculous Programming by Jiaying Peng yeah this is ridiculous
Rollout : Know Before You Go by Sabrina Osmany A Smart Toilet Paper Roll that texts you before running out
Roving Spectres by Lei Ng Roving Spectres is a traveling shadow theater. Taking inspiration from shadow puppetry, traveling tent shows, and physical computing, this project weaves narrative worlds out of nothing but light and shadow.
Sammy the Social Mediator by Devin Curry Fight your addiction to your smartphone by storing it in this electronic lock box, which requires two people to open.
Sculpting Data into Everyday Objects by Esther Cheung, Amanda Gelb, Alejandro Puentes Amezquita, Alexander Whitehurst, Andrew Cerrito, Batu Sayici, Danqing Wang, Inpyo Chang, Jacob Wilkinson, Jinyi Fu, JungHyun Moon, Kate Godwin, Nevena Kocic, Pamela Liou, Qingyuan Chen, Tan Ma, WoonYung Choi, Xinyi Deng, Yiyang Liang, Yu Ji This course challenges students to combine three technologies – object-oriented programming, 3D modeling and digital fabrication – toward making an everyday data object.
Selections from Comics by Clio Davis, Sharang Biswas, Chinazo Rena Anakwe, Devin Curry, Sharon De La Cruz, Allen Yu, Elyssa Dole, Joelle Fleurantin, Marcelo Esteban Espinoza Bravo, Alejandro Puentes Amezquita, Caroline Sinders A diverse collection of works created by students with wildly different styles in this spring's Comics class.
Serendicity by Jorge Brake A mobile application that encourages serendipitous exploration and discovery of city neighborhoods.
Sing Into City by Xinyi Deng, Qingyuan Chen Want to know how the city looks like in your voice? Come and check!
Smart Hoodie by Rucha Patwardhan, Alina Balean A sweater that texts.
SMRT SPKR by Pedro Galvao Cesar de Oliveira, S. Manson, Andy Sigler A smart bluetooth speaker, that knows where you are
Soil for the Air by Erika Hansen Miller Soil for the Air is a platform for a crowd-sourced research project on soil biology, fungus, and climate change.
Song Logger by Kina Smith A solar powered autonomous audio recorder and weather station for bird research.
Sonic Scrolls by Jason Sigal An interactive musical notation and performance system based on color and shape.
Sukhavati by Yang Wang An art installation that creates a virtual reality world for people to encounter and become spectators of themselves.
Suspicious Surveillance Camera by Adam Quinn, Sam Lavigne A puppet-like surveillance camera, swivels, pivots, records and edits, based on face tracking.
TacTag by Andres Taraciuk Do you feel that you are not interacting much with your friends when playing video games? Try this physical game that involves a face to face interaction and physical contact.
Tactus – See with your Finger by Steve Cordova A wearable device that allows people to feel, touch, and identify color
Talking Fabrics, Popping Paper by Kelly Saxton, Gladys Chan, Uttam Grandhi, Danqing Wang, Rucha Patwardhan, Sharon De La Cruz, Kina Smith, Alina Balean Talking Fabrics, Popping Paper is a group showcase from students working beyond the craft tradition, using paper and fabrics in curious ways to tell their stories.
The Audiolizer by Billy Dang The Audiolizer is an interactive installation that translates 3D objects/beings into sound.
THE DRAFTMASTER by Alexandra Coym, Natasha Dzurny, Justin Lange A retrofitted ventilation system for New York apartments that regulates room temperature.
The Path of the Pirate by Brett Peterson In this exhibit children ages 2-4 embark on a quest to become a pirate. Along the way, they engage in activities that reinforce early childhood development milestones including pattern matching, sequencing, counting and motor control.
The Penis Wall by Peiqi SU This kinetic sculpture consists of 81 erectable penises that respond to either a viewer's movements or to realtime movements in the stock market.
THREADBARE by Joelle Fleurantin THREADBARE is an installation where the viewer must navigate a physical space to discover the narrative unfolding visibly and invisibly, within and without.
Th_s Lan_ Is Yo_r L_nd by Karl Ward For children living in poverty in the United States, what does our country sound like?
Timeout by Abe Rubenstein Lock yourself out of your Android device for any amount of time you choose.
Tiya by Su Hyun Kim Tiya is a mobile app paired with robotic ears that are programmed to deliver physical interaction when somebody sends you a message.
Toilet Champ by Seiya Kobayashi, John Choi Toilet Champ is a fun app. It is counting how many times people (mainly ITP people) go to restrooms in ITP and showing the ranking of them.
Trajectory by Mack Howell My thesis project, an app that livestreams video when the phone's sensors are highly activated
Tune In, Tune Out by Jeffrey Ong, Laura Juo-Hsin Chen Sounds from the surrounding environment translated into a sonic landscape.
Tunnel Vision by Bill Lindmeier Tunnel Vision turns any NYC subway subway map into an interactive platform for data visualization.
VENT NY by Jon Wasserman VentNY is a fast, casual space to release the pressure of injustice great and small.
Vibe by Zoe Logan, Thomas Broderick Transform music into a physical sensation!
Vibraille by Jonathan Sparks Mobile app that translates braille into vibrations.
VidCode by Alexandra Diracles A learning tool designed to ignite girls interest in computer programming through video art.
Viral Ecology by Isi Azu Look through the microscope and inteact with a digital microorganism
Virtual Memory/Memory Memory by Sarah Rothberg The future of memory in virtual reality?!
Virtual Menu by Dana Reginiano, Maximo Sica Can the old fashioned menu be enhanced by technology?<br /> We surely think so.
Visual Sound Synthesis by Louise Foo Visual Sound Synthesis is a series of image-sound explorations of the meeting between graphic design and a program that turns the iPhone camera into an optical synthesizer that plays what it sees.
VOID by JungHyun Moon This piece is a new media installation, responding composed sound with my own narrative story. Colorful ink drips into water and expresses beautiful “natural” pattern. However, it will not last long and become dull. It will become transparent again by the decolorization of Ozone. This cycle repeats continuously.
Wall of Sound by Justin Restauri "Wall of Sound" is a large scale, interactive drawing and musical installation that combines a custom-built, hands-free digital interface and video projection to give you the unexpected, magical power to draw music in mid-air.
We Go Together by David Lobser This project explores a miller moth migration in various media
We're Still Here by Andrew Cerrito We're Still Here is about the boring things in life.
What’s your secret? by Azure Tianran Qian 錢天然 As an experimental of non-linear story telling, the project contains the documentary film in an interactive wooden box, which has the memory-ralated objects that assembled in a poetic way.
White Box Communications by Pia Zaragoza White Box Emergency Communications is a radio-based emergency communications system that is accessible, affordable, and easy to use that can be deployed when modern communication methods are down during a disaster.
Woven Signals by Anne-Marie Lavigne A textile composed of yarn treated with thermochromic pigments. When activated by interwoven conductive threads, the seamless and unified material is transformed, revealing a dynamic fiber interface.
Wrap Genius by Sam Slover Wrap Genius is a new Web and mobile food labeling framework that gives people a more personalized look into their food.
x.pose by Xuedi Chen In the realm of data, we are naked all the time. x.pose is a wearable data-driven sculpture that reveals a person's skin as a real-time reflection of the data emissions that they are producing.
XPRSV by Gal Sasson XPRSV is a collaborative interactive VJ drawing tool for one or more performers.
[        ] (blank) by Caitlin Weaver, Rodrigo Derteano What are advertisements really trying to sell you? What does life look like without products?