Alon Chitayat, Alejandro Puentes Amezquita, Maximo Sica, Rodrigo Derteano

A location based mobile app that connects a parent to other parents <br />
close-by when you need it.


A kid is the greatest gift in the world. It changes how we live, what we do and where we go. It changes who we are and fills our hearts with joy and laughter. Parenting on the other hand, can be hard. We feel lonely, scared at times, and very, very tired. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to share our truths about it? To provide insight and encouragement to others?

Parenthook is a mobile app for building local parents networks. A place to connect, share local insights about parenting, and build a sense of belonging. The perfect app for mothers and fathers to find out about local activities for children, babysitters, childcare, or to hang out and meet other parents. It doesn’t matter if you are new in town, a longtime resident or just visiting, there will always be a network around you.


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