Jaewoong Hwang

A language for creating old-school first person dungeon crawler on web.



DungeonScript is an easy way to make your own html5 dungeon crawl game like Wizardry, or Heroine Dusk(http://heroinedusk.com/) for recent example.

Inspired by PuzzleScript(http://puzzlescript.net/) and Twelve(https://github.com/nasser/twelve/), key design concerns were to keep the language simple and easy, but to never confine possibilities of making various game mechanics. For this, DungeonScript adapted ECS, or entity component system, as its language philosophy. While there's a specific goal for the language allowing users to easily make things happen, a grammar itself looks very much like general-purpose language, giving users unlimited ability for designing their own rules of play.


Governing Dynamics of Software: The Design and Implementation of Programming Languages