Latex Pixels

David Tracy, Seiya Kobayashi, Haylee Jung

A swarm of pulsing, responsive physical pixels with minds of their own.


‘Latex Pixels’ is a system for exploring swarm robotics, system intelligence, and cloud interaction.

An array of reconfigurable hexagon shaped modules are nested together in a configuration of the user’s choosing. Each pixel knows itself and recognizes its neighbors and then broadcasts what it knows back to the main micro-controller.

The interaction is facilitated by a socket connection with a user’s phone which allows them to interact with the installation in real time. There are several modes for the system: a passive mode for when there is no user interacting with the system, a communication mode that represents data of the user’s choosing, and an active interaction mode that allows the user to manipulate the system in real time.


Bridging Worlds: Constructing the Immersive Space, Dynamic Web – Server, The Nature of Code