log(me) : vibe calculator

Michelle Cortese

The average human selects 15,000 words to speak each day and lacks a clear concept of their cumulative value; log(me) is a discrete wearable that scans and archives daily speech patterns to visually codify spirit, truth and power.



log(me) falls somewhere between a Nike+ FuelBand for words and a diary for a generation without pens. It's a necklace, small and abstract in design, and an iOS app, discrete and stylish. A reconsideration of the defunct digital diary, log(me) does not wait for written input; instead, it listens for function word patterns and uses their ratios to determine spirit (mood), power (confidence), and truth (honesty). The results live in the app, via three in-app displays: an abstract vibe graph, a stark stats page and an archive. Constantly running, log(me) provides a logarithmic, automated, and chic approach to self reflection.