Dot 2 Dot

Alon Chitayat, Adarsh Kosuru

"Dot 2 Dot" is a collaborative & mobile drawing app that lets you sketch in the air and share your 3d drawing with others. Users can then navigate around your 3d line drawing by using "Augmented Reality" technology.


“Dot 2 Dot” is an homage to the pioneers of “Light Drawing”.

It utilizes the sensors of a smart phone to capture, share and present a 3d motion in space, breaking the physical barrier of the 2d canvas.

Picasso’s “Light Drawings” (1949) is series of long exposure photographs. These experiments of light and motion were part of a collaborative work between Picasso and Gjon Mili, a photographer and light innovator. Picasso's “air drawing” formed any new quality to his line – the recording of his motion in space.

This remarkable experiment produced images that reshape the traditional 2d drawing into a 3d thread sculpture. They are for some extend an analog form of GIF animations as the hold a sequence of moments in each photo.

This photography technique served as a view finder to unveil an invisible layer of reality.

The Technology:

“Speech of light serves as a messaging platform were 3d sketches replace text, video or image. A user presses a button and records the motion of his phone by using accelerometer and Gyro data. He then sends the 3d position data to a server


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