Tripping the Rift

Matt Romein

Oculus Rift environment that utilizes stereoscopic cameras to turn the real world into a glorious mess of melting walls and stuttering movement.


Using Ovrvision, a pair of stereoscopic cameras designed to work with the Oculus Rift, users are treated to a low res version of real life. Using a phone controller strapped to their wrist they can select between 4 visual hallucinations and 4 temporal hallucinations. Each hallucination is designed to distort their relationship to the physical world surrounding them. With the cables connecting to Oculus being extended and suspended from the air, users will be given a limited range in which to explore their surroundings, seeking to untether the Oculus experience from sitting at a computer and instead getting up on their feet. Each experience will last 5 minutes with the system breaking down as they get closer to the end of their experience.


Project Development Studio