ITP Spring Show 2015

$WEAT by Billy Dang $WEAT is a smart garment that tracks sweat output level and assigns it a monetary value based on the wearer's socio-economic status.
"Dibuja Tu Casa" by Sharon De La Cruz “Dibuja Tu Casa" is a redesign of the intake forms used to gather information from unaccompanied minors crossing the Mexico/U.S. border, which is often traumatic for the young children.<br />
(( OLoS )) by Jason Sigal Olos is a graphical, web-based platform to play with music through code. With OLoS, everything—the music and the code—is remixable.
3D Glitch Photo Booth by Andrew LeVine, Pat Shiu Discover 3D Glitch Photography and get your 3D portrait taken with (AJ LeVine & Pat Shiu)
4 App by Yu Ji 4 helps users learn more about people they frequently encounter, and say hi in real life without prejudgments based on appearance.
A Day at the Musuem by Leslie Lin Museums are always looking for ways to turn casual guests into frequent visitors. A Day at the Museum is an installation where museum visitors create their own digital collections from their favorite pieces, forging deeper and more personal memories.
Above that Skin of Ours by Natalia Cabrera, Sergio Mora A 3d projection-mapped installation composed by two self-portraits, as an exercise to explore of human skin and its sizes, colors and shapes.
Aha! by Aankit Patel Aha! is a smart camera that gives teachers the power to easily capture video of their classroom to investigate specific questions they have about their teaching practice. by Seth Kranzler State of the art doppler effect musical gesturing.
Aquarium by Chang Liu, Sergio Mora Aquarium is an interactive installation that emulates anl aquatic ecosystem inside of a small water tank.
ARCADE by Kat Sullivan, Louis Minsky, Paul Hiam An indie arcade cabinet that plays three original games.
Artisicam by Ken Amarit, Kristina Budelis Bespoke felted eyeball surveillance cameras, lovingly hand-crafted in Brooklyn.
Babel 2015 by Yingjie Bei, Nicholas Bratton elevator pitch: “With printed circuit boards, laser-cut aluminum paneling, and emojis we retell the story of the Tower of Babel through a technological, yet reminiscent, lens.”
Backslash by Pedro Galvao Cesar de Oliveira A guerrilla kit for protests.
BearHug by Erin Finnegan, Tanya Campbell BearHug is an arcade cabinet that challenges the way we play games using virtual hugs and gummy bears.
Beexho by Dimelsa Medina MechPet is a series of semi-autonomous androids that explore the human/machine interaction. These androids serve as tools for remote human connection while interacting with their environment.
BLüNAURAL by Michael Ricca Imagine being able to sculpt 3D sound in a virtual space with any piece of audio, simply by rotating your phone or mounting it to headphones. BLüNAURAL is a networked controller app and binaural audio effect plugin for music content producers.
Candy Mountain by Manxue Wang, Xi Liu Multiplayer arcade game
capsule portraits by Ziv Schneider A documentary piece using 3D capture technologies and a proposal for a way to distribute virtual reality experiences.
Center Stage by Dalit Shalom, Hugo Lucena, William Field A museum exhibit exploring the real lives of Roman gladiators
charmLock by Nevena Kocic A new bike lock. charmLock is a device controlled with an app that reads your gestures and will make the act of locking shift from chaining to dancing.
Chime.In Beta by Tessa Ndiaye CHIME.IN is a community-driven, live music search engine about the here and now. Chime.In re-imagines the way we discover concerts and shows in New York City.
Chimera 3 by David Tracy A wearable virtual reality camera
Come With Me by Binyao Sun, Gabriel Andrade, Ava I-Wen Huang, Namira Abdulgani Interactive Light Illusion Installation
Compost Sensor by Kina Smith An open source communication framework for distributed environmental sensing.
Cooper Creatures by Gregoire Housset, Yurika Mulase Cooper Creatures is a fun drawing app for creating your own creature design using the textile collection from the Cooper Hewitt Museum database.
Cube's of Wonder by Tan Ma MT's cubes of wonder will show you the magic of animation happen in real world
Dark Room by Eozin Che Dark Room is an experimental experience that collects audience's thermal traces on the floor and translates it into visual components of virtual landscape.
Data Sculpted Into Everyday Objects by Joanna Wrzaszczyk, Nicholas Bratton, Ross Goodwin, Maria Fang, Songee Hahn, Lutfiadi Rahmanto, Martin Romero The project is a collection of 3D printed objects made by the students of Sculpting Data Into Everyday Objects class.
Digital Fabric by Craig Pickard An exploration of digital materiality in physical space
Dimensions by Rubin Huang, Marc Abbey, Luke Kao An interactive 3D galaxy projected on fog.
dist/dans by Jason Sigal, Jiashan Wu dist/dans is a mobile app that generates music based on proximity to the people around you.
DJ TUBE by Yang Zhao, Xi Liu, Ruudy X Liu Free your hands! Be a magic DJ!
Doti: The Desktop Jacquard Loom by Pamela Liou Imagine a desktop printer, only instead of paper, you print fabric.
Dramaturgy by Evan Wu If all the world’s a stage, how do we make people aware of being players in the theater of everyday life?
Dressing Everything by Jingwen Zhu A wearable project that visualize API and display them with neopixels on a dress, and users can choose which API they want to connect with their phone via bluetooth low energy.
Embrace in progress by Rosalie Yu A series of sculptures that reveal the seemingly interminable feeling of vulnerability brought on by an embrace.
Emergency Supplies in Everyday Objects by Kristen Barry For every $1 invested into disaster preparedness we save $7 in disaster relief, yet most people are far from prepared. My design project incorporates emergency supplies into everyday objects so that preparedness is a part of everyday life.
Exquisite Drawing Pad by WoonYung Choi A collaborative online drawing environment, where people build on each others creations triggered by an initial prompt.
feedie by Allison Ye feedie is an exploratory journalism tool which composites surprising intersections of food’s past,present, and future into a digestible framework. the user navigates and explores feedie’s exciting and hidden food narratives through a mobile app.
Figure it out by Chanwook Min, Martin Romero, Songee Hahn Explore and discover the Figurines Collection of the Cooper Hewitt Museum through this fun find & seek game!
Forever Winter by Crystal Brusch No black ice, no blustery winds -- just a perfect snowfall for you to play with.
FRAGILE MATTER- Intimacy is Never Easy Listening by Anna McGuffy Clark Sonic Layer of Chocolate Production from Belize and Mexico to a Factory in Gowanus.
Fragments by Luke Kao, Rubin Huang, Hub Uy an audio-sensory experience for one<br />
Future Antique Chandelier by Saki Hayashi In our digital age, the Future Antique may be the missing concept.
Gazr by Gabriel Weintraub, William Field A modified telescope that allows a person to see remnants of the Big Bang.
Glance by Yu Hu Glance is a non-linear narrative that tells the story of a musician with hearing loss through the use of eye tracking, hand drawn animation and interactive programming.
GreenWood Virtual Experience by Zhen Liu, Eozin Che Virtual Experience of GreenWood Cemetery
Handled! by Zoe Logan Adaptive kitchen tools for a variety of disability
Haunts by Michael Oneppo Haunts is an app that provides opportunities for private, ephemeral conversations with those around you through a collaborative drawing canvas over a mesh network. by Erin Finnegan "Hello World!" is pilot episode of a Sesame Street-like web series that teaches kids basic coding concepts.
HELP – Ben Gullard Thesis by Ben Gullard I'm going to start making alarm clocks of various designs, each with its own measure of time, function, and desired effect on the user. The final set will be presented in a cabinet/vending machine that tries to sell each clock.
Hyperspace by Sagar Mohite Hyperspace is an online multiplayer exploration game set in a four dimensional world.
iAir by Stream Gao, Jiashan Wu A wearable necklace indoor air quality detector with a mobile phone display app.
Imagination.Codes by Amelia Winger-Bearskin Imagination.Codes teaches art and design thinking using Math and Code
Improv Canvas by Alon Chitayat Improv Canvas is a real-time collaborative drawing tool that preserves the personal pen or brush stroke for a visual conversation. <br />
In Concert by David Cihelna, Michael Weber A multi-platform responsive film experience that delivers different scenes of the story story based on which device they're open on.
Insomnia lamp by Chanwook Min Sleep well
Internaut Explorer by Abe Rubenstein Wander the wilderness of the Web using an interactive, map-based visual browser
Intimacy Code by Upasana Jain Wearables that allows two people to be intimate with each other in the same physical space, especially when they're in a social setting.
Kids Play @ ITP by Hub Uy, Kelly Saxton, Diego Cruz Castillo, Erin Finnegan, Song Hia, Paul Hiam, Michael Oneppo, Yurika Mulase, David Gochfeld, Matthew Goral, Hugo Lucena, Danara Sarioglu, Sung Hoon Kim, Thea Rae, Rucha Patwardhan A showcase of the best games from the Designing Games for Kids class at ITP
Latch to Latch by Nicholas Bratton, Sehyun Kim, Tigran Paravyan, Joseph Mango, Chanwook Min Latch to Latch is a collaborative audiovisual performance utilizing acrylic on canvas, projection mapping, and electronic music.
Limitless by Byoung Han, Boram Kim, Jason Dunne, Sagar Mohite We are building a seamless dash concept to reinvent drivers’ and passengers’ experience on the road.
Live Shot: after John Lockwood by Nicholas Hubbard When his Internet Hunting website was outlawed in 2005, entrepreneur John Lockwood asked, "What's the different between pulling a trigger and clicking a mouse?" In an era of drones and digital violence, Live Shot: after John Lockwood, an interactive video installation, revives and responds to his question.
Luma Legacy by Alina Balean Connected jewelry to preserve and experience your most treasured moments.
Lumens by David Tracy, Abhishek Singh, Jingwen Zhu, Jayati Ambekar Lumens are smart shoes that can be controlled and customized via your phone.
Luminance by Arielle Hein Luminance is a creative research project about the effects of sunlight on the human experience. The resulting artifact of this exploration is a modern sundial.
m o o d by Sehwan Park, Jedy Chen Play hand, play music.
MAGIC BOTTLE GOURD by Xiaolong Mou Capture you inside my Magic Bottle Gourd!
Magical Meditation by Isabel Paez Turning Meditation into an interactive magical experience
MASK by Laura Juo-Hsin Chen A collection of virtual reality masks that catalyzes communications.
MIDI player piano by Andrew Sahlstrom This Project is a MIDI player piano. It is an old upright piano which has been disassembled and reconfigured to be driven by solenoids which provide the hammer action and can be played through the output of any MIDI controller.
Mindful Music Interactive Object (MMIO) by Diana Alejandra Castro Ramirez Mindful Music Interactive Object (MMIO): An attentional control training device that translates motion into sound as part of a meditative practice for stress/anxiety control.
Mine Race by Hugo Lucena, Renata Kuba, Sung Hoon Kim Mine Race is game installation in which players race to each other to see who can get to the other side of a minefield first.
Moments, Suspended by Chinazo Rena Anakwe A holographic installation experience. Visuals, scent and sound, viewers are transported to another world, in the blink of an eye.
MonGen Agriculture by Cole Orloff MonoGen Agriculture is an edible narrative exploring the speculative future of bio-patent law.
Pangea by Kyle Greenberg A Tool For Community Discovery
PAO by Rucha Patwardhan PAO is a fun educational experience for 6th-8th graders to teach them about geometry angles. It blends hands on activities and online tools to supplement school curriculum.
Participatory Design of Assistive Tech by Claire Kearney-Volpe In addition to 3 case studies and prototypes, I have developed and framework and field guide for makers, designers and enthusiasts interested in the participatory design of assistive technologies.
Patchworked Venus by Joelle Fleurantin I am building a body from two parts, a suit and the wearer. The Suit erotically stimulates while the Wearer’s flesh activates the Suit's embodied narrative, enabling Wearer to become an extension of the Suit, the Suit an extension of the Wearer.
Peeking Me by Kaini Zhou Peek Me is a video installation with multiple screens and my personal feminine items, that exposes my vulnerability to the public
PewPew! by Lirong Liu, Zhen Liu iPad tower-defense game by drawing!
Piecing It Together by Ashley Cortez Projects from the Piecing It Together class
Puppy Lamp by Yining Shi Puppy Lamp is a playful experience that allows friends to express themselves in a new way
Pyravid by Matthew Goral, Melissa Jinu Kang, Isabel Paez, Sisa B. Holguín PyraVid is an interactive, non-traditional display that functions as a portal through which viewers can see a reflection of themselves in abstracted, digitized form.
rêvasser by Isi Azu revasser is an experiment created to tackle the sense of telepresence in a virtual environment. It aims to explore what it means to dream in a machine, and how one could undertake the task of freeing the mind in a virtual environment.
Rear Window by Evan Wu, Gladys Chan Now you see it, now you don't.
RED by Cole Orloff, Kaini Zhou, Namira Abdulgani, Sweta Mohapatra Red is an immersive exhibition installation with digital tablet display that helps people understanding the science of color and feel its powerful effects.
REMEMORY by Ran Mo an interactive flip calendar mechanism designed for digital mourning
resøna by Hellyn Teng resøna is a kinetic garment that responds to the sound of your voice.
SayCel: Community Based Cellular Networks by Edwin Reed-Sanchez SayCel is Nicaragua's first community owned and operated cellular network that re-imagines a holistic approach to communication infrastructure.
Self-assembly Architectures by Alejandro Puentes Amezquita Self-assembly occurs everywhere in nature. Can we use the principles of self-assembly as a design method to generate architectural forms? And would this approach enable us to better respond to environmental challenges in the future?
Selfmap by Salem Al-Mansoori Selfmap is an application that allows a user to view and explore a multi-layered, graph-based representation of their city. Using spatial abstraction, the resulting map aims to be truer to their urban experience of the city, alone and with others.
Sensory Imaging by Adrian Sas Sensory Imaging is an interactive installation designed to engage children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in an immersive experience that encourages sensory exploration.
Social Clinic – Face Ray by Chang Liu, Ava I-Wen Huang, Oryan Inbar Social Clinic is a face detection photobooth installation, which finds out your potential social symptoms and gives you prescription in real-time.
Solar Power Man by Edson Soares, Oryan Inbar This is Solar Power Man. A fictional figure that uses solar energy and makes it useable for people to use directly from his body.
Square Trace by Magdalena Kovarik Square Trace
START (Speech Therapist’s App for /R/ Treatment) by Timothy Sanders, Helen Carey, Dalit Shalom The Speech Therapist’s App for /R/ Treatment (START) is a mobile application-based research tool and treatment platform for biofeedback therapy in /r/ misarticulation.
StoryBlocks by Adarsh Kosuru Storyblocks is a tool for journalists to assemble and visualize data stories. It is a toolkit from which journalists can easily create dynamic and interactive narratives using media and data.
Storytelling with Non-Linear Video by Michael Weber, Namira Abdulgani, Nikolaj Petersen, Joanna Wrzaszczyk, Brett Stiller, Maya Tal, Tommy Payne, Sisa B. Holguín, Supreet Mahanti, Shaun Axani, David Gochfeld, Boram Kim, Jaclyn Wickham, Natalia Cabrera, Hub Uy, Lisa Song, Luke Kao As a display of the convergence of storytelling and gaming, "Storytelling with Non-Linear Video" showcases four short-films that fully utilize the interactive nature of the web to tell narratives that a user can guide themselves, to create a custom, compelling entertainment experience.
Subtraction — Class Presentation by Dalit Shalom Less is more -- what you get when you subtract material
Surveillance by Gabriel Andrade, Isabel Paez, Natalia Cabrera, Sergio Mora An installation made to remind us that we are being watched.
Technimal by Federico Burch Technimals are animals with radically augmented physiological features fit to withstand the challenges of the Anthropocene. Their technological modifications counter the negative effects of human consumption and climate change.
The anxious coffee cup by Clara Juliana Santamaria Vargas What if the coffee cups we carried around with us had feelings?
The Good Citizen by Daniel Melancon The Good Citizen is a set of networked consumer devices that monitor innocuous daily habits and explore the ways in which the citizen can be analyzed and objectified through aggregated data.
The Intergovernmental Panel on Capitalism by Sam Lavigne A project to replace every instance of the phrase “climate change” with “capitalism” in all pdfs, web and video content created by the IPCC.
The Lives of Congress by Brian Clifton A non-partisan series of graphics, using public data to create a profile for each member of Congress, exploring what their biases might be.
The Things We Carry Carry Us by Julia Irwin A virtual reality landscape and soundscape made up of 3D scanned scars and their related stories.
The Topology of Steph Curry: Sculpting an MVP Season by Gabriel Weintraub A 3D printed data visualization utilizing data collected from the NBA's SportVU player tracking system
Theme Park of Everyday by Tom Arthur Discover and create serendipitous moments of surprise and wonder using mobile devices to control the physical world.
this.Mirror by Craig Pickard, David Cihelna, Karthik Patanjali, Manxue Wang A digitally augmented mirror that attempts to spark conversation between strangers.
Timee by Boram Kim, Dimelsa Medina, John Farrell Timee is a physical alarm clock and a phone application that connects to your calendar, weather and MTA information in setting up an optimized alarm time for a more organized morning routine.
Tripping the Rift by Matt Romein Oculus Rift environment that utilizes stereoscopic cameras to turn the real world into a glorious mess of melting walls and stuttering movement.
UkuleLED by Nevena Kocic, Seiya Kobayashi, Tan Ma A smart ukulele that's connected with your phone allowing you to learn how to play it in enjoyable way.
Unravel-it by Jaewoong Hwang Unravel-it, a timeline based wiki, allows you to unravel the evolution of any topic, historical or cultural, and see all the critical events from its beginning to its present state.
Urban Skin by Rodrigo Derteano Urban skin occupies and extends objects in the street.
Whalee Whalee by Danqing Wang, Yiyang Liang, Zhuoying Li A two-player 3D arcade game that lets you fly a whale.
What in the world do you want to see? by Rebecca Lieberman What in the world do you want to see? is an interactive video sculpture that reimagines the ViewMaster, an old stereoscopic imaging toy, as a portal into other people’s worlds.
WHEARS by Samuel Sadtler A wearable device which connects you to a place of significance and enhances your sense of direction.
Wheels Up by Amanda Gelb A suite of low-cost offerings that enable those in wheelchairs to climb between one and five steps autonomously
Working Rhythms by Devin Curry Working Rhythms is an interactive music installation that invites listeners to actively engage with a composition made from sounds of the workplace. It consists of sculptures that can be arranged and rearranged to change musical loops in real time.