ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8

Wise Map

Micaela Pesantes

An interactive map of a Natural Protected Area to raise awareness and stewardship from the local population.

My project is an interactive map of the CaƱoncillo Area in Northern Peru. It works as a giant jigsaw puzzle. Once you put the correct piece in its slot, you will be rewarded with a movie that explains the related area.

- Development projects
- Travel Guides
- Travel Websites
- National Geographic Magazines
- Archeological digs
- Attempts to transmit this information through very poor, but well intentioned, power points.

Rural people from a small town in the North of Peru. Typically, they do not own a cell phone, only have 4 TV channels - even if they do own their houses, thanks to the agrarian reform - and survive with around 100 dollars a month.

User Scenario
People visit their local museum, of which the interactive map is the main attraction. As it needs a person to run them through the video. This decision was made, so that local culture, language and references are added every time the story is repeated. This will maintain its freshness, and allow each person to feel part of the project.

Through an interactive kiosk featuring the CaƱoncillo Map - made of wood, and magnetic switches - the user will locate the different landmarks, such as the hills, lakes, green areas. The user will have to place the correct piece in the precise area, to be rewarded with more information, i.e. a small movie that describes what the place is and means.

How important is group work - even if they are just giving you encouragement or wise critique.