Adam Lassy

\”Ikea Robotics\” is a project where discarded Ikea furniture is modified to create mobile, wireless robots which can sense the spatial needs of it\’s owner.

The project is both a exploration in dynamic architecture as well as the creation of a systematic process for modifying Ikea pieces that could be expanded upon and proliferated by other users.

I have chosen Ikea as the furniture platform for this project due it\’s ubiquitous presence in living spaces, the fact that it is viewed as \”disposable\” design in our culture, and the hollow structure of many of the pieces, which allow for easy modification.

I have taken two pieces of furniture: a chair and small table, and modified them with motors and a wireless controller. I have executed a number of studies using cameras or sensors as a feedback to the furniture, to see how it can react to users.

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010