Bryan Lence

People in developing areas around the world do not have sufficient access to basic scientific and mechanical information, such as how to create electricity or light. This information, which is easily accessed in developed countries, could be distributed to people that need it through the use of instructional diagrams.

Instructional diagrams are hard to create. The instructions must accurately represent the tools needed, show the actions made down to the smallest detail, and explain what the finished product can do. However, when created correctly, diagrams can help people quickly grasp concepts, regardless of whether they can read.

Sesame crowd-sources the creation of instructional diagrams, using the \”wisdom of crowds\” to both supply ideas and show where diagrams could be improved. The overall goal of Sesame is to encourage people to share mechanical drawings with those who otherwise would not have access to basic, yet life-changing, information.

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010