India Amos

\”Every newspaper article on ebooks, in tweet form: Article: \’Ebooks might be okay?\’ Comments: \’PAPER SMELLS NICE I READ IT IN THE TUB\’\”
—Liza Daly(@liza), 7:11 PM Dec 15th, 2009 from TweetDeck;

I would like to explore ways in which electronic reading interfaces, both software and hardware, can improve the reader\’s experience, either making up for the shortcomings of electronic devices as compared with codex-style paper books or enhancing the text beyond what we normally think of as a book. I am not so much interested in the interactive or multimedia book, which some have predicted since the dawn of hypertext would storm the world but that many actual readers merely find overwhelming, as in ways of presenting traditional single-thread texts that take advantage of electronic presentation well enough that the medium\’s drawbacks are outweighed.

Thursday, January 21st, 2010