Jason Rosado, Jonathan Nachum

Givkwik is an iPhone application that allows a user to navigate through logos and short profiles of various charities and allocate micro-donations to the ones of his/her choice, with the simple press of a button.

Our initial prototype leverages the iPhone’s touch screen interface and allows a user to “flick” through images with their finger, quickly and easily. Givkwik will provide access to information on thousands of charities, and leverage a commonly known fact by fundraisers: Donors who already contribute to other causes are more likely to donate to additional causes.

Givkwik will reduce the obstacles between one’s impulse to donate to charity and their ability to act. As our economic times continue to challenge our collective generosity, our solution will fill a critical need for more people to be more generous to more charities in a shorter and easier amount of time.

Thursday, April 1st, 2010