Danne Woo

A web-based tool that gives creatives the ability to design beautiful data visualizations in three simple steps: design, upload data and output.

datavisual is a web-based tool that gives designers and creatives with limited programming skills the ability to easily create beautiful data visualizations. Though there are other options for creating data visualizations, none of them provide a simple GUI that allows users to generate visualizations for the web and print. You may also design using Illustrator if you like. Once you’ve finished designing your chart style, upload multiple data sets and output them in batches as PDFs, SVGs, PNGs and dynamic JavaScript files. I've worked as a graphic designer and created this tool with graphic designers in mind. This website can save months of production time, producing hundreds of manually drawn visualizations in just minutes

datavisual was created out of necessity. Working as a designer I found an obvious hole in the production of data visualizations that really needed to be filled. There are great tools out there already that allow you to visualize your data, design one off visualizations or analyze your data sets, but none of them combine all there and allow you to output for print and web. So I have done a ton or competitor research to see where they are lacking and datavisual covers those areas. I have gone through multiple UX and UI designs based on a number of rounds of user testing with designers, strategists, analysts, artists and data scientists, and I am sure there will be more.

datavisual is currently online in private beta. The site has a fully functional front-end that allows you to design visualizations, upload data sets to those designs and output them as a vector PDF, PNG and soon dynamic JavaScript files. There are still a number of functions that I am trying to add but I am planning on working full-time on this project for the entire summer and hope to launch a public beta version of the site by Fall 2013.