Emulative Emergence

Hannah Mishin

Emulative Emergence is an installation of networked kinetic sculptures comprised of three units imbued with individual emergent traits. The installation responds to viewers by emulating either fear, fatigue or attraction on an architectural scale.


Emulative Emergence is based on the biological concept of Emergence and is inspired by flocking algorithms and cellular automata of pixels — of what can be done computationally on a screen. I have recreated those possibilities with modular physical units unified into an architectural kinetic installation. A responsive piece, Emulative Emergence exhibits pseudo intelligence via hard-coded behavioral traits based on users' proximity and velocity. The materiality and movements of the piece are biomimetic in form and function. Each unit is networked and communicates its status (fear, attraction, fatigue) to the others. This project is intended as the first section of a scaleable immersive art installation.