Google Made Me Do It

Mary FĂȘ

My goal was to create an alternative way of PLAYING (as in actor play and as in game play) in an immersive live editable performance, where audience and performer could interact and interfere on the outcomes in real time at a collective space.


I combined new media and improv elements to find the interactive mechanics of live scene story telling. If we can navigate through different content online and discover new approaches on information, would an audience be able to modify live plots as well by using search engines?
Google Made Me Do It was performed at The Silent Barn on April of 2014.
Voice Search Hot Word engine listened to shouts from the audience (a tradition on improv) to jump start scenes. Professional actors on stage could signal for audience help at any moment by wheeling an umbrella as in a frozen computer monitor. Shouts of Ok Google triggered word search during the scenes to flip plots. Who should we point for the results? Google made us do it!