Alexander Reeder
Ramona Pringle
Syed Salahuddin


The Emoto.Photo is an evolution from the classic photo booth, incorporating user motion and physical interaction to create fun, quick, animated sequences of yourself that you can edit, play with, and send to your friends.

Introduction to Physical Computing - Wed AM (Igoe)

Users interact with the Emoto.Photo by reacting to screen-based prompts and playing with a wireless RFID enabled stick. As the user is prompted (to jump, play air guitar, or kung-fu) random stills are taken, and then played back like a flip book style animated movie. Prompts are generated based on the level of user activity, making the Emoto.Photo genuinely interactive. The user can then edit the color, size and pixelation of the animation, which is stored online for later viewing at

One of the element we are developing in this stage of the Emoto.Photo is having prompts that are based on data readings of the user's physical interaction with the wand. This way, we can encourage shy users to be more physical, and have the compter know when a user is really animated and respond accordingly.

User Scenario
A user comes up to the Emoto.Photo screen and sees the logo, along with a brief visual "instructions" screen. They pick up the stick and are prompted to do different movements. As they move, their photo is taken (which shows up on the screen). At the end of this period (30 sec) the user is played back an animated "flip book" movie of the stills they just recorded, and then given the option to edit their color, pixelation, and size, also using the wand and gestures. The final movie is saved, and available for viewing and sharing with friends online.