Corey Lane Menscher
John Dimatos


Geogeni.us is an ongoing scavenger hunt for the iPhone that interprets player’s latitude and longitude position as the answer to clues created by other players.


Designing Around Place

Players use their GPS-equipped iPhone to retrieve text and image based clues. The solution to the clues are actual locations. In order to solve the clue, the player must travel to the location and check in. Points are awarded in decreasing value as more players solve a clue.

The first few players who solve a clue are given credits to create their own clues. As other players solve clues, the clue creators receive residual point values.

The game is ongoing, with a neighborhood-based leaderboard.

Our audience are mobile gamers who want to play Reality-based games. The players are technologically savvy, with iPhones (or equivalent).

User Scenario
GeoGenius is an ongoing scavenger hunt, where players must solve clues to claim a goal...

1. A player requests a clue within a specified proximity and difficulty level

2. The player selects a clue and puts the clue into play

3. The player uses the clue's text (and other associated media like images) to solve the puzzle and determine the location of the answer.

4. The player travels to the location they think the answer lies and checks in. If they are at the proper location, they are awarded a point value and possibly given a credit to create a clue of their own...for which they will receive residual points as other players solve it. If they are in the wrong location, they are notified and the game continues.

We are using the Open Source PhoneGap (http://phonegap.com) project to develop a web application that can communicate directly with the GPS hardware on an iPhone via Javascript.