Cameron Cundiff
Nobuyuki Nakaguchi

How Much Water Do You Use?

Examine the implications of your daily water consumption habits, and find out how to avoid excessive use.


Introduction to Computational Media (Thu),Introduction to Physical Computing (Wed PM)

Excessive consumption of water creates shortages that lead to individual difficulties as well as social problems, and disproportionate demand incurs high costs, especially to the environment. Unchecked water procurement can cause irreparable damage to local ecosystems, and water related problems have long term economic and political implications.
Adjusting habits and making inexpensive upgrades in the home can substantially mitigate domestic water waste. Our project focuses on everyday use patterns improvements that are localized and easily achieved.

The measurements and recommendations are most relevant to people in a household setting.

User Scenario
An individual uses to project to measure his or her daily water use and is presented with an accurate assessment that will augment awareness and encourage improved consumption habits.

A dashboard of physical inputs sends signals to a visualization application that tallies consumption based on timers and counters. The inputs are a faucet, two shower knobs, a toilet lever, and a clothes washer button. Each input is mapped to the actual rate of flow, and the values are then represented on screen.

We were surprised my the amount of waste from older fixtures and hardware, and by the extent of water consumption in the United States. Further development of the project would take measurements from actual hardware in a home. Another related area for exploration is industrial and agricultural water use.