Jelani John

Baby Dreams

An exploration of baby dreams through video sculpture.

Video Sculpture

No one knows what a baby dreams of. This project uses the orficies of a baby’s head as an entrance into baby dreams. Babies visions of the world are distorted and mainly in black and white as they enter the world. This piece expresses that state of transition between the abstract and the real.

Anyone, all ages.

User Scenario
User is intruiged by a large baby-head sculpture. Steps closer and sees video in the eyes and nose. Notices a large mouth with a video they can't quite make out in the back. Sticks head into mouth in order to see the video. Is entranced by sounds of baby noises phase shifting while their head is inside the mouth.

(Time permitting - video in eye will be replaced with an image distorting the user's face instead of pre-recorded video)

Plaster & silicon/clay with a wireframe skeleton. There will be a small projector inside the head for the video. Mirror will line the back inside of the mouth opening.