Neo (Sangzoon) Barc


Making a video sculpture by installing dozens of discarded laptops in a three dimensional space

Electronic Project Development Studio,Project Development Studio (Danny Rozin),Show and Tell Studio,Video Sculpture

I have built up a frame of octagonal cylindrical frame to hang eight discarded laptops on each column with linear bearing so that user can pull them up and down. Because all of the laptops are suspended by a single rope on pulleys, the change of height of one laptop will affect height of the rest of laptops. When a user gently pushes up one laptop, the others will change their height and the display will also change.

I have been collecting discarded laptops for my project “Laptopanorama” which will be a video sculpture of dozens of laptops in a three dimensional space. Laptops are all around world and it gets to be vital in daily life in the 21st century like televisions in the last century. Their physicality are various but beautiful like human identities.

User Scenario
The laptops are sandwiched between two clear Plexiglas sheets and shows one’s face changing facial expression according to its height as if they were alive historical specimens of laptops in a museum of the future. Because all laptops are suspended by a same rope, one laptop’s height change will change all individual contents on the rest of screens of laptops. This could explain “Cause and Effect” (in the whole lives).

This is made of 8 working laptops and aluminum pipes. Each laptops on a single rope measure its height by IR proximity sensor( reading from Arduino). According to the measurement the display ( processing sketch ) changes.