Bryan Lence
Joshua Schelling
Juri Imamura
Kristin Loeb


Qurious turns your television into something more than an idiot box.

Designing the Future of Television

Qurious is a Boxee application that enriches the television viewing experience. Qurious knows the actors, songs, products, and topics of what you're watching, and helps you learn more.

A visitor to the project starts by watching a tv show. Clicking "Pause" on an iPhone remote gives them a list of things that are currently displayed on the screen. Clicking a keyword gives the viewer more information about the topic, be it an actor, term, or song. The entire experience happens on screen.

Younger, 20-30 year olds who watch an hour or more of television a night. Also, people that want to learn more about the content that they're watching.

User Scenario
Someone turns on their Television, which is Qurious-enabled. As they watch the show, they're able to show a list of dynamically generated keywords, which reflect what's currently happening on the screen at any given moment. Selecting a topic makes Qurious grab content from the social web, aggregate the content, and deliver it to the viewer right on top of their television show.

The application is built on Boxee, and open source media player that allows 3rd party plug-ins.

We learned a lot about programming and interface design. Particularly about the differences/challenges of designing an application that is built around remote-based navigation.