Mercedes Blasco

Sketching the voice

Performance tool that creates the visual narrative through the audio (voice/instrument) being played

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing

This project allows the performer to generate a visual that reacts to the audio that is being performed. Different parameters of the drawing (hue, saturation, color, thickness of the lines, trajectory of those lines, content of the immage revealed..)will be controlled by the dominant frequency of the input, volume of the input and some extra feet pedals that I built with fabric and sponge. The result of it will be a tight performance where all the actions : music, visuals and physical interaction of the performer with the pedal, are correlated.
The setting for the show will be a foam static dress that the performer will “wear” standing behind and where the projection will be mapped. In front there will be a microphone with a stand and the controller for the feet in the ground. That controller will also have the option to chose the image that will be revealed through the drawing among these:

-An image that can change through a wireless shaker
-A video
-The word that represents the “mood” of the world at that moment by analysing the titles of the news online

My proposal is performing myself a song every 1/2 hours and/or inviting other performers in ITP to use it as well.