Ji Hyun Lee
Ji Hyun Moon

Intimate Toilet

A new science experiment, adventurous, and multicontextual (or intercontextual) Toilet

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Introduction to Physical Computing,Video Sculpture

This project is about the scientific and educational new experience that can be provided by toilets. This toilet is, among other things, very human-friendly, joyful, entertaining, and practical. This interactive toilet will assist people in managing their stress, relaxing, or being entertained while using the restroom. There are various design elements that lead people to understand the surroundings of the toilet and interact with the present time. Users can explore the new artistic place of a toilet.

First of all, we research of the kinds of traditional toilets and differences to modern toilets. Moreover, another our goal of this project is to train kids to use a public toilet clean and stimulate their imaginations while using a restroom. This is similar for adults to release stress and relax from a routine life while taking a shower at a bathroom. So, kids would be toilet-trained during play and use. Here are some studies that suggest what chronic problems plague today's child. In some cases, it's not as clear what is causing a child to suddenly seem withdrawn, worried, stressed, sulky, or tearful. But if you feel your child might have an emotional or behavioral problem, or needs help coping with a difficult life event, trust your instinct signs that a child may benefit from seeing a psychologist or licensed therapist include: developmental delay in speech, language, or toilet training. However, if parents are not able to provide the support of taking their kids to a psychologist or to another health care center? For these families, we are willing to design a real interactive space for cases such as we describe above.
<br /><br /> Furthermore, we found another interesting fact in Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care: A Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management by Bernard Jensen, in which the chiropractic physician and nutritionist author identifies the sitting toilet as a health threat to mankind.<br />"It is my sincere belief that one of the bowel's greatest enemies in civilized society is the ergonomic nightmare known as the toilet or john."<br /><br /> In addition, according to a questionnaire conducted by Cai and You in 1998, there was a relationship between cleanliness and posture type: among three possible postures of sitting, hovering and squatting, the level of cleanliness decreased with as the rate of hovering increased.<br /><br /> All in all, most westerners are not familiar with toilets that require squatting. Our project can be a good starting point, based on the three criteria for the best behavior design which changes human behavior.<br /> First, it is simple. The only thing there is to do is squat over a toilet.<br /> Second, it is enough to be a hot trigger because the toilet is not only hygienic but also fun to interact with.<br /> Third, it helps users create a daily habit which is powerful because they use the toilet every day.

All people who want a clean, human friendly toilet.

User Scenario
For adults, who want to experience something new from ordinary things, or from places like a restroom. Especially for women of East Asian cultural backgrounds, many Koreans prefer to use old-fashioned toilets, because they think that traditional toilets may be much cleaner and more hygienic than the modern type, since users don’t need to make contact with the toilet seat. <br /><br /> For kids, this space will be a science experiment that steers kids to play, learn, and develop an elementary level of interaction with a toilet.

First, there are guided feet pads on each side of the toilet which detects how users pose.<br /> To measure this, we can fabricate the feet pads by embedding four force-sensing resistors at each respective corner. This will allow us to judge whether a user is maintaining the correct position over the toilet.<br /> In addition, we would like to add one more sensor to make the measurement more precise. Another sensor could be a range finder, which detects the distance from the very first object that it meets. This will prove useful due to the relationship between the correctness of the user’s position and how low the user is squatting. <br /><br /> Furthermore, on the surrounding walls of the toilet stall will be projected a video from the front upper corners of the walls. This will simulate the feeling of flying in the sky, and will be played on three sides of the walls.<br /><br /> Lastly, there will be tubes filled with perfume in the upper corner of the room in order to enhance user experience with a sense of smell. This will be sprayed as a reward when the user enters the correct position.

We learned that a good user experience design is based on the observation and understanding of human behavior.