Peiqi SU

The Beauty of Communication

See your communication quietly, naturally, pleasantly.

Introduction to Computational Media,Introduction to Physical Computing


This project is aimed at visualizing the communication experience between people with different cultural backgrounds. From my 3-month experiences in ITP, people can always have a nice chat when sitting at the table, no matter how different their countries, ages, colors, languages and even cultures. Also cultures always influence the way of communication. For example, easterners speak often tactfully and mildly, like tea; westerns speak always directly and excitingly, like coffee. It would be a pleasure to see the process of the conversation and the fusion of cultures.


When people come to the table, they will see the surface of the table appearing a pattern as flowing water, which is projected by a projector from the ceiling. They can choose a cup of tea or coffee, and then sit down and chat normally. The hidden microphones will collect the volume and frequency of each person, and corresponding animations, generated by Arduino and Processing, will show on the table. Also specific volume and frequency, such as laughter, will trigger animals like a group of fish or a flock of birds. If no one speaks, water flow will be displayed, since it is still a kind of communication even without speaking. Finally, when people leave, all graphics will fade.
[ Please see the sketch of user scenario here. ]