Louise Foo

Aerial Spheres

Aerial Spheres is a novel musical interface consisting of 10 antennas with light spheres controlling sound loops from the title song 'Lemon Moon' from a new album by my band Giana Factory accompanied by projection mapped visual score


New Interfaces for Musical Expression,The Temporary Expert: Research-based Art and Design Practice

By changing the shape of the visual composition of the installation, one creates a remix of a musical composition. The movement of the antennas, translates to sound. The piece is accompanied by an animated visual score I am developing for as part of research in 'Temporary Expert -Research based art and design' as well as to help me performing with the instrument at New Interfaces For Musical Expression show.

My personal background is visual arts and music, so ITP for me is trying to combine these things with new technologies - which this project is an attempt of.

User Scenario
you move the antennas up and down, and you experience the soundscape and see the score unfold as you hear it - maybe you get an experience of synesthesia by the connections made? maybe you will recognize musical structures that you don't normally hear, now that you also 'listen with your eyes'? Maybe you will think about music or structures and systems differently?