Fletcher Bach
Sam Lavigne
Xinyi Deng


FRSK04 is an "aspirational memorial" to New York's Stop and Frisk policy, an installation piece in which participants are vigorously frisked and berated by a zealous Stop and Frisk robot.


Introduction to Physical Computing

FRSK04 is an interactive installation that frisks and berates participants, serving as an "aspirational" memorial to Stop and Frisk Policy. At once critical and satirical, FRSK04 encourages viewers to question the motivations and deployment of the NYPD's "Stop-and-Frisk" policy, as well as its various iterations across the country.

In the installation, the suspicious participant is asked to approach a wall with markings indicating where to put her hands and feet.

When the suspect is in place, an audio track begins, explaining the procedure. The audio is sourced from an actual recording of police harassing a teenager during a stop.

Mechanical hands lift, wrap themselves around the suspect, and vigorously frisk the legs, butt and torso.

Once the suspect has been thoroughly frisked and berated, the arms lower and she is free to go. The system works!