Valerie Chen

Wild Things Safari

Use these advanced binoculars to look for wild things

Dynamic Web Development

The Wild Safari binoculars show the curious viewer images from Instagram that have been deemed #wild by their intrepid photographers. Flora, fauna, or selfies - discover what is "wild" anymore to the smartphone-equipped?

I tried researching a lot of different tags before settling on #wild, which gives you the perfect mix of the literal wild from the outdoors and a superficial/cosmetic perception of what it is to be and look "wild" through personal vanity shots.

My target audience is people who do utilize technological devices every day but sometimes feel like it's silly

User Scenario
User looks through the binoculars and is able to point them in different directions (free-moving). The binoculars will display different images pulled from the Instagram API tagged as "wild." Ideally, the user would see a good variation of images, some literal, others funny or surprising.

The binoculars are held up to the face via a pair of pico projectors, which project upwards and are reflected off of a mirror into the lenses. The project is Arduino-controlled and utilizes a gyroscope for sensing motion and determining when to display a new picture.

There is a list of hashtags that are not searchable on Instagram: