ITP Winter Show 2014

#ferguson by Sharon De La Cruz #ferguson is an interactive sculpture piece about the collective responsibility and accountability of racism/violence in America.
4-axis modular camera system by Andrew Sahlstrom 4-axis modular Camera system for video/time-lapse/stop motion applications
and the wind was like the regret for what is no more. by Joao Costa Bottle sounds created by the wind that surrounds us.
Atmospheric Sound Lamp by Yining Shi, Gabriel Andrade Atmospheric Sound Lamp has three paper mache lamps which will emit warm light and activate atmospheric sounds when they're touched by users.
Augmented Video Mirror by Karthik Patanjali Blend faces in a mirror at random.
Augmenting Balloon by Byoung Han Balloon with tablet will float around ITP revealing augmented version of ITP in real time.
Automatic Ad Lib by Tom Arthur An array of mechanical split-flap displays present seemingly straightforward informational icons that in combination invite individual interpretation and wonder.
Bad Vibes Desk by Cole Orloff A connected desk with integrated vibration notifications so intense it’s impossible to work on it.
Beatwalker by Shaun Axani Beatwalker provides the soundtrack of your life through dynamically changing music that responds, in real time, to your movements.
Big Data Cloud by Jingwen Zhu Big Data Cloud provides people with a visible and tangible experience of interacting with big data.
Buddy Pod by Diego Cruz Castillo Play with your friends with a Buddy Pod remote controlled with your hand!
C0-Canvas by Jason Dunne Collaborate with friends on one shared online canvas from anywhere in the world using a rad arcade-style video game controller.
Carbon Emitters Anonymous by Amanda Gelb A support system for your carbon addiction.
CarmaTRON by Daria Bojko, Tanya Campbell This is a servo powered robotic arm on wheels.
Case Study by Pedro Galvao Cesar de Oliveira, Sam Lavigne Case Study is a tool for the military to analyze literary and philosophical texts using weaponized natural language processing software. The project is housed in a spy briefcase.
Chasing Double Rainbows by Michelle Chandra "Chasing Double Rainbows" visualizes the ephemeral phenomena known as double rainbows by mapping geo-tagged photographs posted to Instagram in the previous 24 hours ( .
Chasing Sun Flower by Shu Zhang, Xiaolong Mou Chase The Sun! Non Stop!
ColorGuy by Yu Hu A mobile app to help you grasp every drop of color in life
Colorpress by Sagar Mohite, Clara Juliana Santamaria Vargas A library of grammatical portraits of books, short stories, essays and plays.
Comehitheroscope by Ava I-Wen Huang, Supreet Mahanti Come closer to find your visual sweet spot.
Connected Home Gardening by Inpyo Chang You can communicate with your lovely pots via Twitter.
Cosmosonic by Sehyun Kim Cosmosonic is an Interactive audiovisual installation to visualize cosmos space with generative sound.
Cupid Teaches Science by Uttam Grandhi Pop-Ups as a medium to inspire curiosity towards science.
Deformed Cube by Gabriel Andrade processing made 3D array of cubes that react with music and mouse
Digital Graffiti Wall by Melissa Felderman, Paul Hiam An interactive virtual drawing experience.
Discontrol by Edson Soares A disco-ball controlled by the heartbeat and clapping hands.
DIY Terrain by Eozin Che, JungHyun Moon DIY Terrain is a design tool to simulate user's personalized landscape
Dod3ca by David Cihelna, Gabriel Weintraub A large-scale sculptural color organ, with abstract sound and light emanating from within.
DrawMidi by Yurika Mulase DrawMidi systematically visualizes notes played on a MIDI keyboard into an abstract, glitch-like piece of artwork which can later be musically analyzed based on pitch and dynamic range.
Droplet++ by Chanwook Min The work is interactive light installation. In order to make great movement of society, it need numerous people’s movement, not only a person’s movement.
Equilibrium 2.0 by Jonathan Han, Jedy Chen Inspired by the mechanics of an ancient Chinese plucked zither called the Guzheng, Equilibrium 2.0 is reimagined into a rhythmic sequencing game designed for a collaborative and conversational experience between two individuals.
Explorer by William Field, Minju Kim Explorer is a space simulator. It is designed to be an educational tool which teaches about orbital mechanics.
Eye See You by Danara Sarioglu, Nikolaj Petersen A feeling of being watched by a persistent panel of 300 passively curious eyes, that has your image in their pupil and will follow you if you get close.
Face it by Rodrigo Narciso Gouveia da Silva An installation that puts the visitor face to face with the experience of cyber bullying against gay people.
Felt Sound by Magdalena Kovarik, Songee Hahn Build and feel the sounds while you play with colorful wooden blocks on an interactive mat!
Fiction Generator by Ross Goodwin Generates full-length, customizable novels from a massive set of collective consciousness narratives.
Final Phontasy by Jaewoong Hwang Be a heroic phone-wielding chicken slayer!
For You, the Bell Tolls by Changyeon Lee "Spiritual Ritual by Physical Computing, For You, the Bell Tolls." Whisper your sadness to this bell, and the bell will toll for you.
Haptec Bike Navigation by Catherine Rehwinkel, Samuel Sadtler, Marc Abbey Haptec. Feel your way around. Touchsense navigation to free your mind on your bike.
Historical Contusion by Nicholas Hubbard Historical Contusion asks the question: when we physicalize, make visible the impact of silence around difficult topics, are we willing to engage, and stay engaged?
Hugstr by Song Hia Hugstr, a carnival-style hugging game installation.
Igloo – Connected Lamp by Batu Sayici A lamp that lets you know when someone is coming home.
Imagination Codes by Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Michael Oneppo teaching children design thinking and creativity using math and code
iMemoriam by Billy Dang, Yu Hu iMemoriam imagines the final user experience of an Apple product.
ITP Secret Sharing by Ran Mo a redial SMS sharing project build in Ruby and twilio
Jeff by Hub Uy, Xi Liu, Luke Kao In a world of increasing diaspora, “Jeff” is an interactive teddy bear designed to let children (ages 3-7 years old) easily send text messages of love to their parents abroad.
Journey to Nowhere by Yiyang Liang A musical journal from somewhere to nowhere.
Just move it by Boram Kim, Lirong Liu It is a Kinect game that asks players to complete tasks by making certain gestures (e.g. covering rings, avoiding obstacle and collecting coins) and exhibits funny animation of the current player as well as top players at the end of a game.
Light Cycle by Koen Holtkamp, Karthik Patanjali The 'LightCycle' is a unique lighting interface based around natural inputs from outside sources such as the light and temperature of a particular location as well as a way for the user to directly interact with their personal lighting environment.
Lipstick by Ken Amarit A puppet microphone jam synth.
Living Room by Kate Godwin An ode to familiar, repetitive motions and things.
Los 43 by Rodrigo Derteano A chrome extension to honor the 43 Mexican students (and all others) that "disappeared".
MANTIS by Justin Peake MANTIS is a real-time, physiological mirror through which a user may experience and explore his or her own heart/breath relationship with sound.
Map Stories by Jayati Ambekar A collection of 6 short stories told through maps.
Mare by Laura Juo-Hsin Chen An exploration journey of conscious dreams.
Mazyfoosball by JungHyun Moon, Saki Hayashi MazyFoosball is a fun interactive toy maze game that the players can participate in it through web interface. Enjoy playing this with your friends and family who you cannot be with!
Mechanical Puppet by Dimelsa Medina WHO IS PULLING THE STRINGS?<br /> <br /> Create an interactive animatronic that reflects the interaction between the humans and the machines.
Memix by Aankit Patel Remix your photos to find new memories.
Meta Crafts by Seiya Kobayashi A series of self-referencing crafts that reveal the nature of the medium.
Mind the Needle by Francisco Ramirez Pop a balloon with your mind.
Mirror Snaps by Arielle Hein Mirror Snaps is a mirror "photobooth" that generates animated gifs and immediately posts them to a website for people to download and share.
Missy by Luke Kao, Xi Liu, Hub Uy Missy is a physical smart photo frame that reminds users to contact their loved ones in different cities.
Mister Mister by Kaini Zhou Mister Mister is a website documenting the stories between me and all the men I slept with, as a way to probe today's online dating scene, hookup culture, and the building and fading of interpersonal relationships in a contemporary urban environment from a young woman's perspective. The website encourages audience to think about their own stories and appreciate whoever wrote a story in their lives.
Moon Phases by Yingjie Bei, Yifan Hu Moon Phases is a project in which users can input a date and they are able to see the moon’s phase of the date through a physical installation and computer screen, which is both educational and poetic.
Museum of Stolen Art by Ziv Schneider A virtual museum for pieces that went missing.
Music Bench by Isabel Paez, Maya Tal The Music Bench is an art piece designed for public space that persuades human collaboration through music and lights. It is intended to question the way technology should be present in our everyday life.
MyoBlaster: Sonify Meat DNA by Jason Sigal Mix animal DNA to generate music and meaty 3D models.
Note Constellation by Rubin Huang, Chang Liu Note Constellation is an interactive installation that provide an immersive environment to audiences, and it allows audiences use their fingers to draw note in the screen as draw a series of constellation in the sky .
Oakwood Beach Returns To The Wild by Allison Ye, Sagar Mohite, Salem Al-Mansoori, Ainsley O'Connell, Kate Godwin, Haylee Hongeun Jung Two Years After Hurricane Sandy, Oakwood Beach in Staten Island Returns To The Wild.
Online Wayfinding System by Salem Al-Mansoori A Chrome extension that gives the user a better understanding of their location in a browsing session.
otHELLO_WORLD by Kat Sullivan A three dimensional Othello board game that allows a human player to play a computer using artificial intelligence.
P(img) by Lisa Song The user can view an interactive image gallery with Kinect.
PackingTogether by Nevena Kocic, WoonYung Choi fun way of packing together with your friends
PANORAMA by John Farrell An interactive web chat application which lets users tell stories about places, in those places.
Patchworked Venus by Joelle Fleurantin I am building a body from two parts, a suit and the wearer. The Suit erotically stimulates while the Wearer’s flesh activates the Suit's embodied narrative, enabling Wearer to become an extension of the Suit, the Suit an extension of the Wearer.
Peeqo – The Productivity Bot by Abhishek Singh Peeqo is your desktop robot buddy that helps you stay productive through the day
Peregrine by David Tracy A remote-phone controlled, wearable camera that broadcasts its content over the web.
Pet by Teresa Lamb I constructed a fur sensor able to detect how it's being petted.
PicassoMe by Magdalena Kovarik PicassoMe is a fun as well as obscure installation swapping peoples eyes and mouths in a live video stream - cubist Picasso like faces arise on the screen and can get captured immediately.
Pillow Fight 2.0 by Alina Balean Wearable technology for winning the most important game. The world's first pillow fight ready smart robe.
Play Space by David Gochfeld, Matthew Kaney A space that mirrors your movement with music. Movement makes music; music inspires movement. You are the instrument: play.
Postural Awareness – Social Experiment by Marcelo Cespedes Create awareness about poor posture, using a game.
Privé – Your own space, when you need it! by Denny George, Upasana Jain Have you ever shared a space with someone and wished you could shut others out and have your own private space? Privé , an interactive Modular Partition Screen lets you do that with a single touch!
Pulse by Natalia Cabrera, Namira Abdulgani, Pat Shiu Two persons lay down and experience visual and sound representation of each other’s heartbeats. It’s a quiet and intimate exchange of our most vital sign.
Puppets! by Edwin Reed-Sanchez Fungus Jungus - Mushroom puppets, and more.
RAIN by Binyao Sun, Sehwan Park Let's play in the Rain, together.
Rashomon by Haylee Hongeun Jung, Rucha Patwardhan An Augmented Reality gallery experience that explores multiple unreliable narrators through a Japanese woodblock print.
Reading, You by Allison Ye A biodata composition generated in real time.
Redesigning intake forms by Evan Wu, Sharon De La Cruz Using a game like structure, I am proposing to redesign intake forms for unaccompanied minors crossing the U.S./Mexico border in order to better reflect their narratives.
RGB Color Mixer by Andrew LeVine, Gladys Chan Learn digital color mixing with through a competitive and addictive game.
Root Note by Nicholas Bratton, Rebecca Lieberman Root Note: a botanical audio interface and generative soundscape that expresses the dynamic relationship between plants and their surroundings.
Rotation Wooden Cubes by Tan Ma Use motors to restore the wood grain
Scope 3D by Julia Irwin Scope3D is a micromechanical 3D scanner that allows users to build scalable 3D models from tiny objects.
Sensing Auroras by Clara Juliana Santamaria Vargas Mixing 3D printing, lights and feelings to help us encase things that we can't hold.
Silophon by Dalit Shalom, Louis Minsky Silophon is an assistive instrument/toy designed to create a positive experience of sound, specifically for children with autism. Silophon is designed to look like the classic xylophone, crafted with felt, allowing the user to play by hitting the keys with their hands or soft mallets, and also allowing the user to control the level of volume.
Skin Deep by Alon Chitayat, Rosalie Yu Visitors are invited to collaborate by painting our skin texture for our 3D self portrait.
Sky Forest by Tommy Payne, Eli Zhang, Maria Fang Sky Forest is an interactive hanging light installation captivating people and fostering connections through touch and sound.
Snoopi: the data sniffing dog by Jiashan Wu Snoopi the dog sniffs out information and digital footprints from devices/people around him and visualizes them in real time. <br />
Soci[T]able by Brett Stiller, Matt Romein Join us at the bar, where your glass becomes both a vehicle for libation and tool for interaction, controlling an animated environment on the surface beneath you.
Sonome ITP by Abe Rubenstein A real-time noise map of the 2014 ITP Winter Show
Space Disco by Devin Curry Space Disco is a space-themed interactive game that allows the player to sequence electronic music.
Space Scale by Ruudy X Liu A kinect project combining both music visualization and musical instrument characters
SPACEBEATS by Yang Zhao, Zhen Liu Drop the beat in the Infinite space!!
Spheres by Francisco Ramirez, Roy Livne Light and sound emitting and interactive spheres
StalkableMe by Louis Minsky Use Instagram location data to determine significant places for the people you follow.
Stitching Stories by Sisa B. Holguín, Sweta Mohapatra STITCHING STORIES is an experimental, interactive video installation exploring the tale of two characters while giving users the power to make customized versions of a story.
Swans by Minju Kim Ballet Performance using Leap Motion by Processing
Taste Your Drawing! by Manxue Wang, Shan Jin Taste Your Drawing!
Terminus by David Cihelna, Yurika Mulase A 3-Dimensional game controller for a 3D glitch world that is falling apart.
Tharp – Laser harp + theremin by Karthik Patanjali, Marcelo Cespedes, Manxue Wang A musical instrument that is a cross between a laser harp and a theremin.
The Comments Section by Eamon O'Connor, Vicci Ho A space where you can hear and control internet comments on social media by manipulating an archery bow.
The Great Fish Race by Gladys Chan, Jung Min Hong Control your fish with your mobile, and race your friends under the sea....
Thy-Band by Tigran Paravyan Thy-Band is a set of wireless wearable devices for musicians that can be used to visualize their energy and emotions during live performances.
Tilt by Craig Pickard, Joseph Mango Tilt is a tactile digital gaming and puzzle interface.
Tinder on Dial by Yu Ji How about finding a date using voice call, where you can only hear their voices?
Top European Soccer Teams' Source of Talents by Lutfiadi Rahmanto Visualizing top european soccer teams' source of talents, buying renowned players, under radar or nurturing their own.
VJenerate by Jonathan Sparks VJenerate creates generative music videos using video snippets from Youtube based on user comments from SoundCloud.
Voc8licious by Kyle Greenberg A bridge between DJing and VJing
Voice Selfie by Jiwon Yoon Take voice selfie using low tech. When you call me, I will take a photo of your voice and send it to your phone.
Void by Jordan Backhus, Oryan Inbar, Sergio Mora A study on light and space and the intricacies therein.
Wavetable Synthesizer by Seth Kranzler Revolutionary new way to create unique waveforms reflected in the physical space.
Weather Now and Later by Boram Kim, Lirong Liu A physical weather board that visually shows the current temperature with different LED colors and moving pixels. The user can interact with the board by turning the clock hand to make it show the weather condition at a later time.
Well Tap by Gregoire Housset Well Tap is a system of networked sensors that allow people to quantify their water consumption on a daily and weekly basis.
Wild Growth by Chang Liu "Wild Growth" is a generative portrait drawing artwork that allows people stand in front of web-camera and see their artistic portraits form as growth of natural plants.
Wood Veneer lights & mobile by Monique Saunders Wood Veneer light made from triangular units.
Wooden TouchPads by T.K. Broderick The Wooden.TouchPads are wooden drums with added melodic and rhythmic functionality with the use of gated sine waves and noise.
WRING by Diana Freed, Jonathan Sparks, Michael Ricca The wring is a assistive technology device used by patients with fine motor issues in Occupational therapy to improve function and provide musical feedback initiated by strengthening exercises
[GL]: (aka Geo-Luminosity) by Chinazo Rena Anakwe A Study of Sacred Geometry and Kinetic, Architectural Landscapes.