Voice Selfie

Jiwon Yoon

Take voice selfie using low tech. When you call me, I will take a photo of your voice and send it to your phone.



A voice contains different information from text itself when people say something. We can feel someone’s feeling, status, mood from voice. As we have different faces, we all have different voices.

There are some phones that only exist for making a phone call. People can’t use internet with those kind of phones. Even some of cheap dumb phones don’t have any camera on them. Front camera is the optional feature for low cost phone because it can increase the cost.

This system allows users to take selfies without camera. It only relies on the basic function of telephone which is making a phone call. Asterisk gets user's voice information and python generates the image based on the voice components. Users will receive the image via MMS. If you have a dumb phone, this system is perfectly working for you.


Redial: Interactive Telephony