The Comments Section

Eamon O’Connor, Vicci Ho

A space where you can hear and control internet comments on social media by manipulating an archery bow.


The project aims to vocalize the many anonymous internet comments that is part of our social and political discourse. The Internet has become a space where every person can have a voice, an equal opportunity to express his or her views anonymously. However, this also provides more protection towards more extreme views, and with social media's filtering and algorithms, it is becoming ever so easy to ignore views that one does not want to read. “The Comments Section” aims to explore these issues, by turning internet comments into a physical experience.

The project involves curated online anonymous comments on certain issues that caused a storm on social media, such as GamerGate, Ferguson and the Bill Cosby scandal. The installation would be set up with an archery bow that can be used to manipulate the comments which had been read and recorded.


The Temporary Expert: Research-based Art and Design Practice