Guerilla Vogue Society

Ari Melenciano

A 360 degree immersive audio visual experience to explore the art of protesting.


Photos of protestors from the 60s in comparison to today's photos of protestors, are nearly indistinguishable. The issues activists are fighting for, have been cyclical, for generations. And, various forms of activism have taken on a similar roles to fashion, a major indicator in one's identity as well as being a main source for artistic expression. In Guerilla Vogue Society, I intentionally use analog material (“polaroids”) in conjunction with emerging technologies (Augmented Reality and Projection Mapping) to explore the cyclical behavior of injustice and protest in avant-garde times. I then explore high aesthetics in representation of data to explore the fashion of activism, data art, and the future of protesting.


Data Art

Take Me To

Stephanie Koltun

Take Me To is a browser-based URL-router which exposes the physical locations of IP address hops enroute to the final webpage.


Rather than enter a particular website address into the browser bar, a user provides this as an input. From this, each IP address hop is shown with the corresponding Google Streetview enroute to the final destination. Upon reaching the final destination, the user can proceed to the intended website or view a map showing all past traces. If an individual continually uses this service for navigating to all websites, they might start to notice patterns in routing, particularly in the initial hops as well as identify differences even when navigating to a frequent page.


Data Art, Understanding Networks