2 Minute Hate

Fanni Fazakas

The power to destroy a physical entity by the human mind.



I want to give an audience the opportunity to try out the brainwave sensor and also the joy of being destructive as a child. Just as when you demolish a sand castle which somebody else have built up carefully. We all know that feeling. It is childish, selfish, dark but on the other hand also very ecstatic.

I hope they will understand that these sensors are actually getting more and more accurate and they really give a raw data straight from your brain which other people can interpret. I also want them to stay focused in a cruel way and after trying the installation out feel a bit ashamed and guilty.

This is a participatory and time based installation where multiple people can try to destroy a physical entity by their thoughts. The time I provide them is exactly 2 minutes just as the “Two minute hate” in Orwell’s 1984. Within this time frame they have the opportunity to focus on destroying a castle cube made by sugar cubes. If they concentrate hard enough it means a motor arm will take action and start whipping black oil paint on the cube. I decided to use this material because its also nice visually if one person is doing it but by the end of the Winter Show I hope more people will destroy the cube entirely.

The cube itself will symbolise power. I decided not to give it a real form but just a general image which everyone can interpret as they wish for. The paint has to be oily and not only water based otherwise it collapses too early.


Digital Self-Defense- Security for Everyone, Introduction to Physical Computing, Mindfulness and Transformative Technologies