Chat Charades

Grau Puche Recarens, Regina Cantu De Alba

Chat rooms provide the confort of annonimity, a confort that is most of the time used towards meeting new people, expressing ourselves…what if we used it to play charades with absolute strangers? Chat Charades provides the platform for Show attendees to do so.


Chat charades is a chat application with live video feed created specially for this project.

As a derivative of our expirience with PopUp Windows -Metatorium-(see The Mirrors) we discovered how much easiier is for people to let themselves loose in front of a web cam than a stranger, so we decided to create a game in which two strangers could interact in this anonymity space.

The hardware is located in two separate rooms, in one of them there is a computer with the program habilitated, in the other there are two big screenns with a web cam attach. Te users come, decide upon a role (guess or act) and start playing, the setting gives immediate feedback when the keyword is guessed.


Designing for Digital Fabrication, Game Design and the Psychology of Choice, Live Web, Pop Up Window Displays, Prototyping Electronic Devices

Cosmic Breath

David Temchulla

Cosmic Breath is an interactive installation made up of stalks of wheat that is activated when a participant blows into a sensor, turning the participant’s breath into a natural event making the wheat field undulate as if it has been swept by a powerful gust of wind.



Cosmic Breath is an interactive installation made up of stalks of wheat that is activated when a participant blows into a sensor. The participant’s breath becomes a natural event making the wheat field undulate as if it has been swept by a powerful gust of wind. The wheat field, a classic American symbol, and blowing, an action that connotes modern superstitions of blowing on candles, dandelion puffs, and eyelashes invites the participant to make an outsized wish. Cosmic Breath is rooted in the re-initiation of history. The project explores the psychology of the wish: the inane, absurd, and hopeful knee jerk reactions people have when presented with a birthday cake, flower, or hair follicle as a way to force the unforeseen and improbable into the world. The use of mechanizations reminds one that America’s streets aren’t paved with gold.

Empowering the with viewer godly power, Temchulla establishes a framework that dictates the creation and destruction of cultures. Used as a vessel to discover ourselves in order to discover that which overtakes us, Cosmic Breath provides proof of self-renewal and contact with personal existence.


Prototyping Electronic Devices , The Future of Sculpture


Max Horwich

Beautiful music and hypnotic animation are at your fingertips. With fiveSquare, if you can bend your fingers, you can play a song!


fiveSquare is a musical instrument for people who don’t play music. A glove connected to a digital synthesizer enables the user to create beautiful, expressive sounds, regardless of musical knowledge or skill level. While our product is not the first glove for making music, it is the first designed explicitly for users with no musical background. If other wearable music controllers are Adobe Photoshop, fiveSquare is Instagram.

Our web-based digital audio workstation is a simple grid where users can trigger loops and play melodies accompanied by hypnotic animated visuals. Click or tap each of four smaller squares on the left to build a beat out of drum and synthesizer samples and drag your finger or mouse across the larger square on the right to play melodies over it. Then with our specially designed fiveSquare Glove connected, the music literally comes alive in your hand. Flex sensors in each finger control parameters for different instruments, and by bending their fingers, users can adjust the tempo of the drums, the pitch of the bass, or cycle through chords on an arpeggiated synthesizer.

For demonstration at the 2017 ITP Winter Show, fiveSquare has minimal demands on space and equipment. All we need is a few square feet of space for a laptop or tablet and a small mixer (multiple headphone outputs will allow users to perform for an audience without overwhelming an already loud space with noise from speakers). An external recording device will capture audio of the entire evening’s interactions, and participants will be invited to leave an email address where we can send them the recording of their experience.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing, Prototyping Electronic Devices