Amitabh Shrivastava

A wearable prototyping platform.


Sez takes the hassle out of wearable prototyping. It has two components: (a) Sez jacket with an in-built Arduino, wifi, battery, and snaps in different areas (b) prototyping shields.

The prototyping shields are custom PCBs with a small perf board for adding sensors or actuators and male snaps which mate with the female snaps on the jacket. The snaps on the jacket are connected to the Arduino and battery internally with strong steel mesh cable.

So, to make a gesture-based game controller, just connect an accelerometer to a prototyping shield, snap it on the jacket on the wrist or arm and program the Arduino wirelessly. There’s no sewing, no dangling cables and no debugging broken connections.

The snaps on the jacket are placed on areas commonly used for wearable prototyping: one on the lower back, two on the shoulders, two on the chest, four on the abdomen, two on the upper arms, and four on the lower arms.