Anger Flanker

Krizia Fernando, Ridwan Madon, Vidia Anindhita

Anger Flanker is an arcade game-inspired interactive space that invites users to relieve anger, through physical gestures of smashing and screaming to break a virtual surface.


Anger Flanker is a game that aims to encourage a cathartic experience of relief through physical gestures and interaction with the machine.

Anger Flanker is run using serial communication and sensors. It is a space for users to scream and smash controllers in order to break digital surfaces. The different levels is represented in textures of a mirror, a wall and wood and the user will be cued to keep breaking the surface.

We used p5.sound and a force sensing resistor to be enclosed in 36-wide wooden enclosure and 2 controller panels.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing, Introduction to Physical Computing