Michael Simpson

A physical object that exhaustively displays every English word that can be displayed using the limited alphabet provided by 7-Segment character displays.



7-Segment character displays are primarily suited for displaying numbers and most characters in the English alphabet. However, there are certain character which simply cannot be displayed in a way or would be indistinguishable from another character. Inspired by Allison Parrish's everyWordBot, this project exhaustively displays every English word that is capable of being displayed using 7-Segment displays.


Glow Box

Michael Simpson, Yeseul Song

A light sculpture that is able to both absorb and reproduce a graphical image.



Glow Box is a 3d printed and fabricated light sculpture hanging in mid-air. A graphical image generated in real-time is projected on one side of the object. The image illuminates the object and then is reproduced on another side of the object. A matrix of fiber optics embedded in the object allow the object to be functioning as an analog screen. On display is a visualization of solution space solving XOR problems using neural network.

The project needs to be placed in a dark space. For the installation plan, please see the sketch attached in this submission (installation-plan.jpg).


Designing for Digital Fabrication, Intro to 3D Printing