The ❤️ Machine

Mohammad Rizqi Hafiyyandi

Stages of falling in love : understanding, worshipping, and owning Taylor Swift.


Taylor Swift is a force of nature in the entertainment industry. Her songs constantly hit number 1 on the charts, she leaves a trail of famous-ex boyfriends and high-profile PR stunts, and the fans and non-fans just cannot get enough of her.

Yet, she is notoriously famous for ruling her business, image, and music with an iron fist. No critics unaddressed, no ex-boyfriends undisclosed, no music video and #girlsquad member is imperfect. Her life is a constant labor for her work.

What exactly is the relationship between Taylor Swift and her fans? Why do people fall in ❤️ & 😍 with her? Who is more in control, the worshipper, or the worshipped?

This piece imagines stages of falling in ❤️ with Taylor Swift through visualizations of her body of work (musical and cultural) and a DIY tamagotchi by which you can literally own, keep, and play with a piece of Taylor Swift.


Intro to Fabrication, Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing